How I Celebrated My New Job At RI Dolls

After college, getting a job was hard. Really had. It’s crazy how competitive the job market is these days. I was getting a little down on myself when all my friends had jobs after we came home from college and I didn’t. I couldn’t figure out why either. I had good grades. I had volunteer experiences in my field. But even though I went on a ton of interviews, I couldn’t close the deal.

Then one day, I got a call for an interview and I just had a feeling that was the one. This was the job that I was going to get. And I did. I was so happy. I phoned all of my friends and we agreed that this was an event worth celebrating and we decided to go to Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket to celebrate.

There are several reasons why I wanted to celebrate getting my first job out of college by going to RI Dolls.

Of course, the most obvious reason was the dancers. I won’t admit to going to a lot of strip clubs but…let’s just say I know quality when I see it and Rhode Island Dolls hires only the best dancers. They really know how to move. They are sexy and they seem so wild an exotic. I could sit by the stage and watch them all night long. Which is pretty much exactly what I do when I go to RI Dolls. Their sensuous dance moves just have me mesmerized. And they are friendly, too. I knew that when I told them about my new job they would be happy and excited for me and when they are happy and excited everyone has a good time.

One of the other main reasons I like to celebrate things like my new job at Rhode Island Dolls is the food. Food is part of any good celebration, right? Well, RI Dolls is the place for the best food there is in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. They have anything you can imagine to serve you the best food, whet your appetite, and make you hungry for more, literally. Whether you’re in the mood for some appetizers to eat while you’re watching the show or a full course meal that will fill you up, you are bound to find something on their award winning menu that will tempt your tastebuds!

Not only will the food make you hungry for more but the beautiful strippers will too. Before you leave, you will be booking your next party there, guaranteed.

All the drinking you can handle!

At RI Dolls, when celebrating your promotion there, you will want to drink with your guy friends. Well, their VIP Bottle Service can guarantee all the drinking you can handle and afford for the night. Drink Dom Perigno, drink Whiskey until you can’t handle another drink, have some Red Bull or just bottled water as extra if you don’t drink alcohol. They have your favorite premium hard liquors, quality wine, and champagne to make your celebration night extra special.

Events and specials

If you decide to celebrate your new job at RI Dolls, why not do so on a Monday night? Having your party on a Monday night means it is free to get in because there is no cover charge all day and all night. Not only this, but between the hours of 4 to 10 pm, you can check out their $1 menu to buy all the dollar food you can eat. Monday nights are also special because they have something called call out dance specials. This means you can request a certain dance from the dancers or a certain dancer. How awesome are Monday’s now?

Tuesday’s are great too because between noon and 6 pm, there is no cover charge. Head over to Rhode Island Dolls gentleman’s club right after work and you’ll get there just in time for their two for one specials. Ready for more specials? Check out their $2 burger and fries you can eat between four pm an seven pm.

On Wednesday’s, they have what they call a hump day food buffet between the hours of noon to 1:30 pm. They also have call out dance specials and half price appetizers from 4 to 7 pm.

Thursday’s are just as great! This is because you can get in for free between noon and 6 pm and you also get to call out your favorite dance for your favorite dancers.

Try Friday nights for your promotion party because you can get in for free between noon and 6 pm and since you saved money all week long while taking advantage of their specials, bring a lot of money to drink, eat, and tip the dancers. Don’t forget to tip the pretty woman who brings your drinks and food to you. They work hard to ensure you are completely satisfied.

Great food, all the drinking you can handle, pretty women dancing on stage in front of you, and awesome music that makes you want to get up and dance with the girls dancing on stage in front of you. It’s the perfect place for all kinds of celebrations!