How I Get More Attention from Dancers at Rhode Island Dolls

A lot of guys I know say that they don’t go to gentlemen’s clubs like Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket RI because they say that they have a hard time getting the attention of dancers. But I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. When I was a young guy, just starting to learn about strip clubs, I didn’t get much attention either. But there was a reason for that. And I’m going to share with you some of the best ways that you can get dancers at stripper clubs like RI Dolls to pay more attention to you.

The first thing you have to remember is that you have to be approachable. If you’re sitting there all quiet and being a loner, drinking by yourself and not even making eye contact with the girls, of course they are not going to notice you! But how do you make yourself approachable?

You should know that the girls don’t like guys that act like douche bags. They don’t like the men that seem to think that they are just pieces of meat that are there to be grabbed and played with. They are people! Don’t forget that and treat them like people and you’ll be much better off. If you have a favorite dancer and you want to get her attention, make eye contact with you. That won’t be hard because the girls are looking for guys that want to talk to them and they’ll start be seeing who is making eye contact. When she comes over to talk to you, tell her she’s pretty or you like her hair. Don’t start grabbing at her like she owes you something. Be a gentleman and she’s much more likely to stick around long enough for you to ask for a lap dance or a private dance.

Now, even if you’re not going to get a private dance or a lap dance right away, show her that you value her time. Tip her. She’s there to make money so if you don’t value her time, she might not come back to see you later in the night. But if you do tip her – even just for the time she spent talking to you – she’ll come back to you.

Remember that if you’re sitting in the shadows, you’re less likely to be noticed. So, don’t sit in that dark corner. The girls prefer to stay in the better lit parts of the club so that the bouncers can see them clearly. You can sit by the main stage or a side stage. If you smile, make eye contact, and tip them while they are on the stage, they will likely approach you after they are done their set.

Leave your day behind you. When you’re at an exotic dance club, you are there to have fun, am I right? Of course you are. So, don’t sit there looking like you have the roughest life ever. Relax! Have a drink if you need to. Go with a buddy so you have someone to chat with. Try not to look as if you don’t want to be there. Leave the stress of your everyday life behind and enjoy your time at the club.

So, now that a couple girls have come to talk to you, ask one of them for a lap dance or a private dance. Yes, you should do this at least once when you’re at a gentleman’s club. Rhode Island Dolls dancers are doing a job. They only make money when people pay for dances and when they tip them, so when they aren’t on the stage they are looking for people who actually want to pay for dances. If you never ask for a dance, they will soon learn that and they will approach you less often. Have some fun and ask for a dance. That’s what you’re there for isn’t it?

Finally, I’m going to share my really big tip on how to get dancers to approach you more often. Are you ready for it? Bring a female friend. Guys who come to gentleman’s clubs with woman are so much more approachable than a guy that comes by himself. She doesn’t have to be a girlfriend (it’s likely better if she isn’t unless you have a girlfriend that is super cool with you watching strippers) – just a friend that is a girl. She’s like a wing man. Girls are automatically more comfortable when there are other girls around.

So, now you know how to get the attention of the dancers at Rhode Island Dolls. Be approachable, tip them when they spend time with you, and get private dances or lap dances. It’s really that simple. Now what are you going to do with this great advice? Well, if you’re smart you’ll head to Rhode Island Dolls gentleman’s club right now and have a good time!