How I Got My Husband to Bring Me to RI Dolls Gentleman’s Club

husband-bring-me-to-ri-dollsIt wasn’t easy at first to get my husband to let me go with him to RI Dolls Gentleman’s Club but I finally convinced him to let me go with him to see what it was all about. I had to keep telling him I didn’t mind him going. I think he didn’t want me to originally go with him at first because it was the place he goes to, to get away from it all and let loose. It was his place and he seemed like he didn’t want to share it with me yet. Maybe he wasn’t ready but I finally talked him into it. Here is how.

I Let Him Know I was Ok with Him Going by Himself

I let him know it wasn’t a big deal to me for him to go on his own to a strip club where hot women would be stripping down in front of him. I didn’t mind because he comes home to me, not any of them. He sleeps next to me at night, not them and he loves me, not them. I told him all this and he started to relax a little bit and seemed to be almost ready to let me go with him.

I Reminded Him That We Should Share Everything

We are husband and wife, after all so why shouldn’t we share everything, even going to a strip club together, right? Why not, right? We should share food, drinks, sometimes clothes, and going to different places together too. Going to RI Dolls together would mean we do share everything.

I Reminded Him How Much I Loved Him

I reminded him how much I love him and that when you love someone as much as we love each other, we should be together as often as possible. I also told him that I know he needed his space too but I just wanted to go once and that if he loved me, he would let me go with him to see what all the fuss is about with this strip club.

I Told Him I Wanted to Try the Food

I let him know that sometimes we need a night out to get something different to eat and that I wanted to go to the RI Dolls to try their famous food I keep hearing about. Is it really as good as everyone says it is? I wanted to find out so I told him that I wanted to try their famous food and see how good it really is.

I Told Him I Needed a Drink and a Night Out With Him

I definitely needed a drink and I told him that. With taking care of the kids all day, sometimes we just need some time for ourselves and sometimes I just need a drink. I heard they had good drinks there too and I wanted to try it.

I Told Him it would Strengthen Our Marriage

It’s not that our marriage is on the verge of divorce or anything but I let him know that something like this would make our marriage even stronger and maybe even provide us with more intimacy time. When raising three kids, we don’t have a lot of time to be intimate but something like this could help us let that happen more often. He liked that reason. Having a stronger marriage will enable us to love each other deeper and want to be around each other even more. I told him we needed that because we don’t get to spend nearly enough time alone together anymore. Something like going to this strip club would definitely help our marriage become stronger and make us in love more.

I Told Him That I Wouldn’t Take the Place Away From Him

I told him I understand that he sometimes needs a place to go to unwind from the day and that I wouldn’t take that away from him at all. After all, I just want to go one time to see what it is like. I might not even like it and might never want to go back but at least I can say I tried a strip club and that it made our marriage stronger by me being an understanding and loving wife to my husband.

Sometimes, men need a place like RI Dolls to help them get away from the outside world and to unwind from a hard day of work. However, sometimes a woman gets curious about where her husband goes and wants to see it for herself.