How Much Time Should You Spend at RI Dolls to Have a Good Time?

How long do you have to be at the gentlemen’s club to have a good time. People think about how much money they should spend or how much they should have to drink but have you ever thought about how much time you spend at a place like Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI?

There are a few different factors that will help you decide how much time is the perfect amount of time to spend at the gentlemen’s club in order to have the best time possible. Everyone’s night is going to be different. Sometimes spending the whole night there is a great idea. Other times, a couple hours is just right.

If you think about how much time you have to hang out at RI Dolls, you can prepare for the night better. Want to get the most out of your experience? Then keep reading!

How Much Money Do You Have to Spend?

One of the first things you should think about is how much money you have. You don’t want to spend more than you can afford. Start by setting a budget for the night. Think about bringing cash and leaving the cards at home so you can’t spend more money than you actually have or go take out more cash.

Once you know your budget, you’ll have a better idea of how much time you can spend at the club.

If your budget is fairly high, you might want to come early and have dinner. Rhode Island Dolls has an excellent menu with lots of choice for great food. Once you’re done eating, you can move up to the stage and enjoy the show. Don’t forget to tip. You might want to spend more time there and make your experience even better by getting a lap dance or a private dance.

What Kind of Mood are You In?

One of the things that will help you to decide how long you should stay at RI Dolls is your mood. The better your mood, the longer you are likely to want to stay. Bring enough cash to last the evening. Get some private dances, enjoy the conversation with the regulars and have some drinks. You’re sure to have a night you won’t forget.

If you’re not in a very good mood, you likely won’t want to stay for long and that’s ok. Maybe just stay long enough to feel a little better. Have one or two drinks and then get ready to go home. Remember that bad moods are contagious and no one wants to hang out with a grumpy gus!

Of course, a bad mood can easily turn into a good mood when you’re at the strip club. The dancers have a way of turning that frown upside down.

Don’t Drink Too Much

If you can’t hold your alcohol very well, you’re going to get drunk quickly if you spend too much money. So, take it easy. Drunk people are never much fun at a strip club. At least not to other people. Have a few casual drinks and space them out.

There’s always the chance that if you drink too much and get out of hand, you might be asked to leave by the bouncers. And if you’re drunk and disorderly and get too cranky with them, you might be forced to leave and your night will be put to an end early.

If you drink too much, your great night at Rhode Island Dolls is sure to end early!

Remember Everyone is Different

There is no perfect time frame for how long you should stay at RI Dolls, or any other stripper bar. It’s different for everyone, and it’s different for every trip. If it’s a weeknight and you’ve had a busy day, an hour may be the best amount of time to spend at RI Dolls. If it’s a Saturday evening, you’re in a positive mood, and you just got a bonus from work, then you could spend 6 hours at RI Dolls without a blink of an eye.

The key is to stay at RI Dolls long enough to have a great time, drink some amazing cocktails, eat some delicious food, and look at beautiful women. Then leave before you spend all your money or get too drunk. The time frame is different for everyone, on different nights. Just be smart about it and have fun!