How RI Dolls Dancers Can Prevent Slips and Falls

There’s a lot of reasons why you want to do everything you can to prevent slips and falls when you’re a dancer at Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI. First of all, slips and falls result in bruises and even cuts sometimes and that is not pretty when you’re under those bright lights on the stage. A big purple bruise on your leg or a nasty cut just doesn’t add to the fantasy that guys like to create in their minds (or it shouldn’t!).

The other thing about slips and falls is that it can result in broken bones. If you have a broken leg, sprained ankle, or twisted limb, you’re going to have a really hard time dancing. Or more likely, you’re not going to be able to dance at all. That means a loss of money. So, if at all possible, your best bet is to do everything you can to prevent slipping or falling.

Here’s some tips for avoiding slips and falls:

#1 Keep your eyes open. If you’re dancing on the stage, take a minute before you go on to make sure that no one has spilled a drink or that the dancer before you didn’t lose an ear ring on the floor or anything like that. Just give the floor a quick scan as you slowly make your way on to the stage. If you’re not on the stage, just be aware of your surroundings. Watch the ground for slipping hazards but watch other things, too. Keep an eye out for people that are acting strange or waving their arms around. Watch for cyclists and dogs when you’re in public. Being aware of your surroundings can help you anticipated possible situations where you might slip or fall.

#2 Strengthen your core. Your core muscle groups affect balance. The better your sense of balance, the less likely you are to fall. There are many simple exercises you can do to strengthen your core. Get a stability ball and look for workouts on YouTube. Most of them are simple enough to do and they focus on the core muscle groups.

#3 Test new shoes before getting on the stage. Obviously, you should make sure any new shoes you buy are comfortable but sometimes you get on the stage and you find out that those new shoes are slippery, too! That can make it very difficult to do your routine. If you find that shoes are slippery before you get on the stage, take them outside and rub the bottoms of the shoes on the cement to scuff them up. Alternatively, you can buy soles to stick to the bottom of your shoes. They feel and look like sandpaper and they prevent slipping.

#4 Practice makes perfect. Many times, slips and falls are the result of trying new moves that you just aren’t accustomed to yet. Practice those new moves at home over and over until it becomes second nature to you. Wear the shoes you intend to dance in and get a feel for your new show stopping moves before you try it out in front of everyone.

#5 Slow down. Not every move you make needs to be fast and energetic. There are times on the stage when this definitely can get customers worked up but at the beginning of a routine, going slow is good. It will ensure that as you move around the stage, you can pay attention to every move and decrease the chances of slipping or falling off the stage. When you’re off the stage and making your way around the room, practice walking slow and sensually. Not only will your chances of slipping or tripping decrease but your chances of being noticed will increase. That can help you make more money!

No one wants to trip, slip, or fall but for an exotic dancer at a gentlemen’s club like RI Dolls, you need to be extra careful. That slip up could cause you to lose a lot of money, depending on how serious the result of the fall is. You could even end up in the hospital or in a cast and that would seriously hold you back. Your feet and your legs are your money makers and if you lose use of them, you might end up having to dip into your savings. So be careful and be alert to things that could cause you to fall!