How RI Dolls Dancers Can Set the Tone in February

February is the month of romance and desire and love and it’s important to set the tone – especially on Valentine’s Day at Rhode Island Dolls. Dancers play a big part in that. When you set the right tone, you can increase your income because your clients are in a better mood and they appreciate your efforts.

Many of the men who come to RI Dolls in February, and especially on Valentine’s Day are single and don’t have anyone to be romantic with. But if you set the tone and you treat your customers’ right you can benefit from that by treating them extra special and by making the month awesome for them. It just takes a little extra effort.

So what can RI Dolls dancers in Woonsocket, Rhode Island do to help set the atmosphere at the club?

Dress Up

Of course, as a dancer at Rhode Island Dolls, you likely make an effort to dress nicely for all of your shifts. You have your favorite outfits that work for you. But make an extra effort in February and on Valentine’s Day and it is sure to pay off. Customers will notice your extra effort of course but you’ll also feel even better. Feminine outfits especially go over well. Become a seductive goddess when you wear ribbons, lace, and satin. It doesn’t have to go overboard but a pair of lace sided panties, some pink ribbon on a bra, or red lace up knee-high socks can add an extra special touch that will make you feel extra sexy and will get your clients in the mood. Feathers and rhinestones and sequins can add an extra festive touch, too.

Vampy Makeup

The smoky seductress look is a lot of fun to create and men love it when you look extra vampy. Try out some smoky eyed eye shadow and some blood red lipstick. Use shimmery makeup like a shimmery face and body powder. Glossy lips are sexy too. Try some eyelash extensions (they’ll last longer than fake eyelashes) to make your eyes extra appealing.

Smell Delicious

Don’t go overboard because a lot of people are allergic to scents but a subtle, yet sexy smell can really get your customers’ attention. Vanilla and musk scents are always sexy and will delight your clients sensations. Perfume is not the only options for smelly awesome. Try a body lotion with some shimmer in it and you’ll get more bang for your buck. Remember – customers shouldn’t be able to smell you coming across the room. But when you give them a private dance, the might like to smell something sexy and erotic!

Get Those Moves Down

This is a great time to introduce some new moves to your routine. Check out videos of some hot dancers like J-Lo or Brittany Spears for some hot and sexy moves that will have customers’ eyes popping out of their heads. Don’t forget to make eye contact as you work the pole and strut your stuff. The right songs can make a huge difference too. Don’t be afraid to slow it down for a song or two so that the people in the audience can really enjoy the beauty of your dance moves.

Play with Accessories

This is the time of the year when you can play around with accessories in your dance routine. How about cupid’s bow and arrow or a pair of angel wings? A red feather boa or a belt made of pink hearts can add a fun and romantic touch to your costume. Be the vixen or be the sweet girl next door just by changing up the accessories that you use in your routine.

Being a dance at Rhode Island Dolls is a great job. The clients that spend time there likely already know you but you can introduce them to a new and more romantic side of you in February. Spend a little extra time picking out your songs for your set on stage. Practice some new moves. Add some romantic touches to your costumes and your makeup. Before long you’ll have customers lined up to see you dance on stage and they will be even more eager to look for you when they want a lap dance or a private dance.

February is a romantic month and people expect more romance – Valentine’s Day even more so. So give your customers what they are looking for. Give them romance. Give them sexy looks. Give them the extra awesome treatment that they have come to expect from Rhode Island Dolls dancers in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.