How RI Dolls Inspired Me To Get My Spring Cleaning Done

Spring cleaning is likely my least favorite thing to do. It kind of sucks because the snow disappears and the sun comes out and what do we get stuck doing? Spring cleaning! It’s not fair, really. Usually I put it off but my wife came up with a way to get me to get motivated and get it all done before the summer was over.

We made a list of all the things that had to be done this year. Her list involved more of the indoor stuff, but I was fine with that because I’d rather be outside if I have to be working. But we each had about 15 different tasks to do. It looked like a massive list to me. She suggested that when we finished our list we would each get a day to do whatever we wanted and the other spouse would stay home with the kids. I found out later that this was her way getting me to agree to a day at the spa with her girlfriends. Well, it worked.

I found something I wanted to do with my friends, too. She rarely says anything about my friends but I know she doesn’t like it when we go to a gentlemen’s club together. So, I just don’t go that often. But to be honest, it is something I have been doing with my buddies since we were in college. We don’t do anything bad. Other than enjoy the dancers. And that’s not bad, right? But my wife has never been fond of this practice. Because of that I haven’t gone in a long time.

But a trip to RI Dolls in Woonsocket, RI seemed like the perfect incentive to getting my spring cleaning done. I didn’t think she’d agree to it. When I brought it up, her face pinched up a bit – but she agreed!

Well, I started on my list that very night.

After that, it got to be a bit of a contest between the two of us. Who could get their list done first? Ha ha – she had no idea how badly I wanted to have a night out with the guys at Rhode Island Dolls. We were already making plans for next Saturday so I had to get my work done. And you know what? I did it. Just a little over a week and that list was complete. The wife looked over my work (because I let her think she’s the boss!) and she couldn’t find one thing to complain about!

Tomorrow is the big night and it is all I’ve been thinking about. The guys are going to pick me up in the late afternoon and we’re going to head over there for dinner. Rhode Island Dolls may be a strip club but they have an awesome kitchen and a great menu. I can taste the steak already and those awesome home fries. And a beer.

Ok, I drink beer at home sometimes or when I’m out for supper but the beer at Rhode Island Dolls just tastes better for some reason.

And of course – there are the dolls! I haven’t been there in a long time so I am really looking forward to seeing the dancers. I wonder if my favorite dancer is still there. I can’t even remember her name it has been so long since I have been there but I can see her in my head. Beautiful, long, shiny brown hair and big brown eyes that just make me melt inside. And a body that just doesn’t stop! Curvy, sexy, soft – I have had her in my mind all week long!

All the dancers at RI Dolls are gorgeous though, so if she isn’t dancing there I’m sure I’ll find someone else that I like just as much. The guys and I will enjoy the dancing on the stage and then one of us will get a lap dance and then eventually, each of us will get private dances. That is my favorite part. For those few minutes of a private dance, I am young and hot and interesting again. I’m someone else.

My wife finished her list shortly after I finished mine and she’s heading to the spa with her girlfriends the following weekend. Since she had to wait a whole week for her reward, I gave her the night, too. That way she can’t complain too much when I come in late and maybe a little bit inebriated!