How Should You Act at the Bar at RI Dolls?

There is a proper way to act when you’re at a gentleman’s club like Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI. For any establishment there are rules. Some of them are written rules and you might see them on a sign somewhere in the establishment. But there are unwritten rules, too. When you’re at a strip club, many of the formal and informal rules pertain to how you should act towards the dancers that are there to provide the entertainment but there are considerations for when you are at the bar, too.

Remember that the bartender is a big part of the service at RI Dolls. He provides the drinks and he is working hard to make sure that you have a good experience while you are there. So, when you’re at the bar, relaxing, getting ready to enjoy your night or taking a break from being close to the action, observe these tips and you’ll find that your night will be a good one.


Tipping is a big part of going to an exotic dance club like Rhode Island Dolls. Tipping doesn’t only pertain to the strippers though. Bartenders live off of their tips, too. The pay they receive is often minimal so they need tips to make their living. Remember to tip your bartender either a smaller amount on each drink or a larger amount when you pay off your tab at the end of the night. Bartenders do remember the customers they serve – especially the ones that don’t tip at all or tip badly – and if you aren’t tipping, there’s a chance that the service you receive will be minimal.

Bartenders are People

Sometimes it is easy to forget that the people who provide services are actual people with feelings and emotions and lives of their own. It’s important to treat them as well as you would anyone else. Don’t act like you think they are some sort of lower class. Don’t talk rudely to them. Don’t whistle or snap your fingers. There are other people at the bar that are likely waiting to be served so if you have to sit and wait patiently until it is your turn, then do that. If you feel like you haven’t been noticed, a simple wave of the hand or nod of the head or raising your glass can indicate in a polite way that you are waiting. The bartender will likely wave back or give you a thumbs up or some other motion to indicated that he has noticed you and will be right there. Act rudely by whistling or yelling at him and you’ll find that you might be the last person to get service.

Beyond Rudeness

There are some customers that go beyond simple lack of manners when they are at the bar and if you find yourself becoming one of these people, you may also find yourself in the parking lot. Never swear, curse or yell at your bartender. If you start off with this kind of behavior you’ll likely get a warning that this is not appropriate but if you continue it, there is a good chance that the bouncer will escort you out of the establishment.

Also, you may find yourself in a situation where you have a female bartender. If this happens it is important to remember that she is NOT one of the dancers. She is a bartender. You should ask her to do inappropriate things. You shouldn’t ask her to dance for you. And you should absolutely treat her with the same respect that you give to a male bartender.

All Drinks Have the Same Amount of Alcohol

Don’t try to get free alcohol by complaining that there’s not enough of it in your drink. The bartenders know better. The amount of alcohol in each drink is measured out carefully. No one is getting more or less than the other customers. They aren’t watering it down. And if you can’t taste the alcohol, there’s a good chance you’ve already had too much to drink. Consider, toning it down a little.

When you are at a strip club, like RI Dolls in Rhode Island, remember that there are rules of etiquette that you need to follow if you want to have a good experience and you want to be allowed to come back. Those rules include how you behave at the bar. If you don’t follow the rules, you should understand that there will be consequences. At the very least, the staff will give you minimal service. At the worst, you may be asked to leave or forced to leave and you will not likely be allowed to come back again. A night at Rhode Island Dolls is a great time – why would you want to ruin a thing like that by acting like an ass?