How Shy Guys Can Find Confidence at a Strip Club Like RI Dolls

Shy Guys Can Talk with RI Dolls DancersNot every guy is born knowing how to talk to women.  Especially beautiful women. These kinds of women can be intimidating.  Other guys know how to talk to women but because they are so good at the conversation they fall into the “friend zone” and the women they talk to so much never think about them as anything but friends.  And that is a horrible rut to fall into.

Strip clubs like RI Dolls can be an excellent place for a guy to get more confidence and get used to being around beautiful women.  One of the reasons that some men find gorgeous women so intimidating is simply because they are not used to being around them.  Average guys don’t always have a chance to be around women like that because they fall into the rut of hanging around the guys all the time and let’s face it – most women are not comfortable being around a group of guys that are acting like little boys.  In fact, they’ll go out of their way to avoid them.

If you are a quieter type of guy but you would like to become more comfortable and confident with beautiful women, Rhode Island Dolls is a great gentleman’s club to get started with.  Come by with a friend (one friend, not a whole big group) so that you don’t look like a total loner.  Sit near the stage and bring cash.  If you treat the dancer on stage right (give her generous tips, smiles, encouragement) she will sure come and talk to you and your friend.  Two guys at a table are much more comfortable for dancers than a guy by himself or a table full of guys.

When she comes to see you immediately offer her a drink.  At the very least she will sit down and talk with you for a few minutes.  You are likely going to feel a bit strange talking to a gorgeous stripper that is in something sexy but just work through it.  She’ll likely do most of the talking and asking questions at first.  And remember that she’s not judging you.

Smile at her and ask casual questions.  Don’t ask her if she’s married or if she has children or what her “real name” is.  That kind of stuff doesn’t matter.   Ask her if she likes dancing (she’ll say she does).  Ask her if she has formal training (she’ll be flattered).  Tell her she is beautiful (all women like to hear that).  Be flattering but not pushy.

If this goes well she will likely ask you if you want a private dance.  It’s up to you if you want to accept but at some point, if you really want to get confident with gorgeous women, you should say yes.  If you don’t say yes, the first time she asks make sure you leave her a nice tip before she leaves so that the next time you come in she will come and see you again and you will have the chance to say yes next time.

When you do accept a private dance from a dancer at a gentleman’s club like Rhode Island Dolls, be casual. Continue to talk to her while she dances.  Compliment her in a light and easy fashion but talk about other things, too.  You could talk about your work or a hobby.  Nothing too serious though.  Smile and just let it be an easy, fun moment between the two of you.

You should practice being around women at gentleman’s clubs for at least once a week for a month or longer.  As time goes on, you will find it easier and more comfortable.  You will soon start noticing in your daily life that sexy and beautiful women do not intimidate you as much.  You might even find that conversations start easier and that flirting is not difficult anymore.  This is because you have acclimated yourself to being around gorgeous women.  You will stop thinking of them as these unreachable creatures that you have put on a pedestal.  Instead, they are just people.  Gorgeous people, but people that you can have conversations with and get to know and that you can allow to get to know you. When they see how confident you are and how easy it is to be with you, and yes, even to flirt with you, they will stop seeing you as “the shy guy” or “the friend” and begin to look at you as potential dating material.