How To Enhance Your Routine And Your Appearance For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be wonderful, or it can be sucky. As a dancer at RI Dolls, you need to make the best of this lover’s holiday if you want to make an extra buck or two. On February 14th, you’ll probably see more single guys in the club than usual because they want to take their minds off the fact that they don’t have a girlfriend. Tonight, you’ll be their girlfriend, so why not make the best of it. Keep reading to learn a few ways you can freshen up your routine and your appearance for Valentine’s Day to earn more money:

Wear Something Red

You can go out and buy a new cherry-red dress or lingerie for Valentine’s Day. But that’s what a lot of people do, and it can be a bit much to see so much red walking around the strip club. Instead, set yourself apart from the crowd and wear something white, with a red accent. White looks amazing on smooth, tan skin. But the touch of red on your costume will let customers know that you are in the Valentine’s Day spirit. It also looks very up-scale and classy, which helps RI Dolls retain it’s reputation of being the premier gentleman’s club in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

Get A Vajacial

This is something that’s rather new in the skincare industry. A vajacial is just like a facial, but it’s designed especially for the delicate skin around your lady parts. In a nutshell, you visit an aesthetician who has special training to provide this service for women. During a 20-minute session, your external vaginal area is first gently cleansed with an antibacterial wipe. Then, the skin is treated with a natural exfoliating body scrub to get rid of dead skin cells. This scrub is made of salt, sugar, and glycerine, so it’s perfectly safe. A hot towel placed over the area, including your stomach and upper thighs, feels great and opens up the pores.

Next, the aesthetician will examine your skin to see if there are any problems that need to be tended to, like ingrown hairs. She will take care of them for you. A special peppermint-infused mask is applied to the skin to help prevent any new ingrown hairs. A high-frequency wand is gently rubbed on your skin to enhance blood circulation and help the products to penetrate deep into your skin. Ladies often report that this part of the vajacial is very ticklish, so be aware! The vajacial treatment is finished off with another hot towel to open the pores again, and then a natural moisturizer.

Add A New Kick-Ass Move To Your Routine
Valentine’s Day is the perfect reason to add a new kick-ass move to your usual routine. Take a few weeks to learn a new jaw-dropping move, and then debut it on February 14th. Changing up your dancing is a great way to stay in shape because you’re using muscles you don’t always use. It’s also a great way to fill your pockets with cash as you mesmerize the crowd with your Cirque de Soleil-type abilities.

A Few Accessories Go A Long Way
If you like to keep things simple, or simply ran out of time to put together a new costume, just add some new accessories to your existing wardrobe. A few accessories to consider include:

  • Dangling heart-shaped earrings
  • A fake heart tattoo in a prominent yet sexy location, like your lower abdomen or on your butt cheek
  • Just a touch of body glitter in your cleavage or at the corner of your eyes – but don’t over-do it because you’ll find glitter everywhere
  • Ultra-high stilettos, especially if they are fire-engine red
  • Red stripper boots
  • Red fish nets or stockings
  • Red garter belt
  • Red gloves

These are just a few ideas to help you enhance your routine and your appearance for Valentine’s Day at RI Dolls gentleman’s club. Your options are limitless, if you can think outside the box. Just remember that you are dancing at RI Dolls on February 14th, and every other day of the year, to provide a fantasy for customers. The more fantastic you become for Valentine’s Day, the more tips you’ll get. Who knows, it might end up being your favorite day of the year to work!