How to Get More Attention From RI Dolls Dancers

RI Dolls - Get more luvin"Are some guys getting more attention at Rhode Island Dolls? Maybe there’s a reason certain guys are BFFs with the dancers. Maybe they’re doing something that you’re not. You don’t have to be a millionaire or shower the girls with gifts, but there are things that you can do to increase the amount of attention you get from the RI Dolls dancers. The tips below will transform your visits from ordinary to incredible.

Dress To Impress

Rhode Island Dolls is a classy club. Now is not the time to show up in sweat pants, overalls, or anything else that is better suited for a lazy day at home than a day at the club. Style your hair nicely and wear nice pants and a button-down shirt.

Ladies love dancers too, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you’re a woman, wear your favorite dress with a pair of stilettos or slip on some jeans and a nice top.

Good Hygiene

If you haven’t showered for days, we will notice. Bathe before visiting the Rhode Island Dolls and make sure to apply deodorant. Complete your routine by brushing your teeth and shaving. Go easy on the fragrance – a spritz or two should suffice.

Mind Your Manners

Now that you’re a big boy or girl, you may know all about waiting your turn. You might not like it, but you understand it has to be done sometimes. The club is no different than your local supermarket – each customer gets plenty of attention when their turn arrives. Don’t ever interrupt another customer’s dance by yelling that it’s your turn. We get that you love us, and we don’t blame you for wanting a sexy lap dance right that minute. Unfortunately, sometimes there are more club-goers than dancers at Rhode Island Dolls, so expect the occasional delay.

When your turn arrives, remember to treat the girls with respect. Do not fondle them without permission, and make sure to thank them and tip appropriately for their performance.

Flash Some Cash

Dancers don’t work for free. It would be nice if they did, but many of them have children to feed or tuition to pay. The best way to get a dancer’s attention is to hold a wad of cash in your hand. Bonus points for holding bills with a president other than George Washington. Oh, and leave the quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies at home. Yes, money is money, but it’s hard to pick up a pile of change after an intense dance routine. You don’t have to obnoxiously wave your cash in the air, but make sure the girls see it. This also works well at the bar, so leave your wallet out and enjoy a few drinks during your visit.

Don’t Have Stage Fright

Hiding in the corner won’t get you very far. Most of the dancers at RI Dolls perform on stage, so you’ll definitely get more attention if you’re in their immediate line of vision. Grab a seat near the stage and let the girls know you enjoy their show by whistling, clapping, and being generous with your wallet. Your efforts will definitely be rewarded.