How To Get Pouty Lips Without Cosmetic Surgery

pouty-lipsBig, kissable, sexy lips lips are a cherished attribute that many women wish they had, especially if you’re a stripper at RI Dolls. But not everyone is blessed with lips that rival those on the face of Angelina Jolie. Instead, thin-lipped woman have to be more creative and resourceful. Many opt to go the permanent route and have their lips surgically altered to be fuller and more pouty. But, you don’t have to go through the pain and the expense of cosmetic surgery to get the big lips you’ve always dreamed of. Here are a few ways to get pouty lips without going under the knife:

Liner, Lipstick, And Gloss

The most obvious way to make your lips appear fuller is to use makeup. But many women don’t know how to apply make-up to achieve the full-lip look they desire. All you need is lip liner and lipstick in the color of your choice, highlighter or shimmery white eyeshadow, and a matte brown bronzer or eyeshadow. Here’s what you do:

1. Start by taking a highlighter stick or shimmery white eyeshadow and highlight the V shape in the middle of your upper lip. This part of your lip is called a cupids bow. Highlighting your cupids bow will draw light to that sexy spot in the middle of your lip, making it look poutier.

2. Grab your matte bronzer or brown eyeshadow and get some of the powder onto a small brush or other applicator. Tap the side of the applicator on the side of the brown product’s container so any loose and excess powder will fall off. Then, using a light hand, sweep the brown powder right underneath your bottom lip. This creates a contour that gives a sunken-in appearance, making your lips above it look bigger.

3. Take your shimmery white eyeshadow or highlighter and softly press a small amount onto the center of your bottom lip. This draws the light to the center of your lip, giving it the illusion of being larger.

4. Use your lip liner and trace the outside edge of your lips, along your natural lip line.

5. Follow with a coat of your favorite lipstick that is the same color as the lip liner.

6. If you’d like, try adding a bit more highlighter to your cupids bow and the center of your top and bottom lips. You may have to experiment in order to find what looks best on you and with your lip stick color.

Home-made Plumping Products

You may be surprised at how a few items in your kitchen cabinet can help you achieve the pouty lips of your dreams. Since there are no harsh chemicals in this recipe, you can use these products as often as you’d like. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Ground ginger
  • Bees wax or Chap Stick
  • Peppermint extract
  • Red pepper or ground cayenne pepper
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Small jar with a lid

1. Mix a heaping teaspoon of petroleum jelly and a half teaspoon of Chap Stick or bees wax in your jar.

2. Then add some pepper and ground ginger, a little bit at a time while mixing, until the mixture is even.

3. Top the concoction off with a drop of peppermint extract to provide a cool and fresh flavor and scent to your home-made lip-plumping product.

4. Put the cover on the jar and keep it sealed at all times when not in use.

5. Apply to your lips like you would any lip gloss or lip stick. The pepper and ginger will feel tingly on your lips as it causes your skin to swell slightly. The other ingredients will make your lips look nice and shiny.


All you need to do for this trick is to take clean and dry toothbrush, a cheep one works great, and brush your lips with it. The dry bristles will gently exfoliate your lips, leaving them feeling smooth. But the process does cause your lips to slightly swell, though you won’t feel any pain. Finish with a gloss or lipstick and enjoy your plump lips. This quick little tip is a great addition to your daily routine because it will keep your lips kissably-soft at all times.

Tissue Paper

The last little trick I’d like to share with you today is using tissue paper to make your lips appear bigger. Simply take a piece of toilet paper that is about half the width of your lip liner pencil and put it between your gum and your upper lip. Do the same for your lower lip. This trick is especially great to do for your shift at RI Dolls, or before you take photographs. Though, you probably won’t want to keep tissue paper between your gums and lips much longer than that.