How to Have Happy Female Clients At RI Dolls

This isn’t the dark ages. Women go to gentlemen’s clubs all the time. When you are a dancer at a strip club like Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI, you can expect to see female customers in the audience. They are there to have a good time, just like your male customers.

However, you do need to treat them a little bit differently than you might treat the guys. Here are some tips to keeping the women who come to see you dance happy.

Don’t Pretend They Aren’t There

When you see a woman in the club you’re working in, don’t ignore her. She’s there to have a good time, just like all the male customers. She may or may not be into the erotic side of things, but she’d probably love to talk to you for a little bit. And while talking to her, you can find out if she’s there for the sites and the booze or if she’s adventurous enough to want a lap dance.

Most women are there because they want to be there, for one reason or another. And she is a paying customer, so if your nice and you give her some attention, she’ll tip you. Other guys at the club also love to see strippers interacting with women customers, so flirt with her when you are on stage. You’ll probably get louder hoots and hollers –and more tips—if you play a little with female customers.

Treat Her Like One Of The Guys

Don’t treat the women at the club any different than you’d treat the men at the club. They are there for adult entertainment just like the guys. Gentlemen’s clubs elude sex at every turn, and customers of all genders are there to tap into the sexual vibe of the club, so don’t deny the female customers of that experience. Flirt with them just like you flirt with the guys. Don’t be shy and touch her arm when you talk to her, smile at her, and ask her if she’d like to have a private dance. Her face may turn pink if it’s the first time she’s been to a club like Rhode Island Dolls, but I bet she won’t say no.

During the private dance, make sure you break out your best moves because a woman is more likely to appreciate your dancing than a guy would. Yes, she’s going to look at your hot body while you get naked and shake your booty in front of her. But unless she’s a lesbian or bi-sexual, she’s looking at you as a piece of stunning art and not like a piece of meat. Even so, the straightest house wife will no doubt get turned on by your slinky strip tease, so show her a good time and get a little kinky.

If you don’t have a problem sitting on a guy’s crotch and grinding him, then do the same for the lady customers. If you enjoy pressing a guy’s face between your breasts, do the same for the lady customers. You may let a woman go a little further by allowing her to touch your legs or even your ass while you are performing, and there is nothing wrong with that if you are comfortable with it. I’m sure her partner won’t mind watching it either!

Get Friendly In The Bathroom

If you are in the rest room and a female customer is in there too, spark up a conversation. Chatting with female customers in the rest room allows you to build a connection that could never be understood or achieved by male customers and dancers. It may be your two-minute talk in the bathroom that opens up your customer’s mind to relax and enjoy the evening at the strip club. And she’ll probably seek you out later in the night for a private dance or two, so you’ll get her money and not another stripper in the club. With women customers, it’s the small details that really count.

These are just a few thing that you can do to make women customers happy at a strip club like RI Dolls. The more you interact with the female customers, the easier it will be for you. Some strippers are naturals and other’s need some help, so don’t be ashamed to ask your stripper friends about how they handle female customers in the club. Long-time exotic dancers will have a lot of funny stories and good advice for you.