How To Keep Your Real Life Confidential When You’re a Dancer at RI Dolls

When you decide to become an exotic dancer at a gentlemen’s club, your first thought might be how you are going to keep your real life private. You can develop professional relationships with the clients while not getting personally involved. But keeping your private life to yourself may be challenging.

It’s not impossible though. If you want to keep the details of your real life confidential, here’s some tips for dancers in Woonsocket, Rhode Island who work at RI Dolls.

Using a stage name

Would you rather use a stage name than have your customers know what your real name is? You can do this by creating a new persona. You can make up a sexy name for yourself that is totally different than your real name to help keep your real identity a secret from your customers. Choosing a name like Candy, Jewel, or anything you like can help you with this.

Create a Story

Creating a story about who you are can help keep your identity a secret from your customers. Think of something totally different than what your real life is like. Maybe you are rich and were born to rich parents. If this is the case, you can tell them the opposite and that you are poor and grew up in poverty all your life. Telling them this may make them want to give you even more money so it will help with tips and help you keep your identity safe at the same time. Get creative with the story of your fake life and tell them anything you want to. Just make sure you don’t get caught in a lie one day!

Don’t give out personal information

If a customer asks you to sit down and says they want to get to know you better but you don’t want them to know anything, don’t give them any personal information. Avoid it as much as you can. Tell them something totally different. Give them a different name and background of who you are.

Don’t leave with customers

If you are a very private person and don’t want your customers to know anything about your real life, don’t leave with them. For one thing, leaving with them means lying to them all night about who you really are. This means that you will have to continue on with the story you gave them about your background. You won’t be able to take them to your place because they will find out something personal about you if you do. You will have to try to convince them to go to their place or a hotel and they might not want to do this. So, just don’t ever leave with a customer, ever. Tell them you have made it a personal rule to not date or sleep with customers because it is just business with you and that this is bad for business. If they are a gentleman, they will understand.

Tell them you are dating someone already

If a customer asks you if you want to go out with them or if they want to know more about you, tell them you have a boyfriend or husband and he wouldn’t appreciate you talking to them like that about yourself. Remind them that it is just business for you and nothing else but do it nice or they might not come back to you or even tip you anymore. You can even pay another customer to pretend to be your boyfriend sometimes just to prove that you do have one.

Keeping your stripper identity a secret might be a little stressful but it is something you have to do if you are a private person and don’t want your customers to know anything about you outside of the club. It will be worth it in the long run because then they won’t try to date you. That is, unless you want them to date you then it is better if you tell them the truth from the beginning about yourself.

If you want to keep your stripper identity a secret from your family and you are afraid they will find out, tell them you are waitressing at some place they have never heard of or would never eat at. This way they won’t try to come to the place you are “working” at to see you “working.” Let them think you are just getting good tips when they see you have more money coming in than usual.