How to Make the New Stripper at RI Dolls Feel Welcome

make-new-stripper-feel-welcomeSo, have you just noticed that there is a new dancer at Rhode Island Dolls? Did you notice that she’s cute as heck, too? Do you want to get her attention and make her feel welcome?

Being the new girl on the block can be very intimidating. She might not know anyone very well and she might even be completely new to dancing on a stage. It can be scary and if you don’t want to scare her off it is important that she realize that there are good clients in the room.

Start with a Smile

It all starts with a smile. A smile can make someone feel more comfortable immediately. So catch her eye, give her a warm smile, and let her know that you are happy to see her there. A friendly face can make someone feel welcome and less like an outsider in almost any situation.

Welcome Her

Most of the dancers have time that they need to spend out on the floor, socializing with clients and getting private dances. If she looks like she is shy or not sure what to do, approach her and welcome her. Ask her a few non-probing questions, smile, and help her feel at ease. Make her feel comfortable by being complimentary but don’t invade her space. Give her time to adjust.

Buy Her a Drink

Ask her if she’d like something to drink. This can make her feel more comfortable. It doesn’t have to be an alcoholic beverage. Let her choose. If she doesn’t want a drink that’s ok, too. Just stand and talk to her for a few minutes.

Compliment Her

Keep compliments low key and unobtrusive. Compliment her eyes, her smile, her hair, but not her body. If she’s already been on stage, compliment her dancing. Make sure she doesn’t feel threatened in any way by your compliments. Keep them gentle and friendly – the kind of compliments you would give your best friends sister if she decided to start dancing and he was standing right beside you!

Watch Her Dance

All the girls want to feel like there is actually someone there watching them while they are on the stage. When people are just sitting in groups talking and laughing and barely even glancing at the stage, it can make them feel like they are not doing a good job. So, when she gets on the stage, pull up a chair and enjoy her routine. Smile at her. Catch her eye. If your with friends encourage them to join your and make sure that they are respectful. This is not the time for cat calling. Clapping is always appreciated but don’t scare the poor girl off the stage.

Tip Her

Remember that the girls are there to make money. It’s not a hobby. So, encourage her by tipping her well. Make sure that your friends tip nicely, too. If she doesn’t get on the stage on her first night, tip her anyway. Even a little bit will make her feel like she is doing a good job.

Private Dance

She likely won’t say anything if this is her first time dancing but if she does gather the nerve to ask you if you want a private dance, accept. And show her that you enjoy it with your smile and your eyes – never your hands! Be respectful and be nice.

Thank Her

Before you leave, make sure you take a minute to seek her out and thank her for the night. Tell her what a great job she did and make sure you let her know that you’re looking forward to seeing her again.

For a new dancer, the first week or so can be quite the experience. She might have some not great moments but make sure you’re not one of them. If you treat her well and make her feel welcome when she’s just getting started she will always remember you. She will seek you out and give you special attention. If you get inside her mind and become one of her good memories of when she got started at Rhode Island Dolls, she will look for you in the future and make sure you are treated very well.

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as knowing that you are someone’s best memories of a job. You’ll be rewarded when she sees you come in again!