How to Set the Mood on Valentine’s Day at RI Dolls: Ideas for Dancers

set-the-moodMany girls dream of becoming one of the gorgeous Rhode Island Dolls, but there’s still one day that is typically requested off by the dancers at strip clubs everywhere: Valentine’s Day. The regulars still stop in, of course, and the Woonsocket strip club is packed during the daytime…but Valentine’s evening? The atmosphere is a bit different, and some strippers just aren’t sure what to make of it. Whether you forgot to let your boss know that you wanted to take the day off or only went ahead and agreed to work on V-Day because you needed the money, there are ways to make your shift fun and profitable.

Dress Cute

Yes, you probably already look cute every single day of your life, but make sure to look extra cute on Valentine’s Day.  Looking hot helps make you feel great, and when you feel good, you and your audience have an awesome time.  Choose costumes with feminine details that are perfect for a sexy set at the gentlemen’s club – think lacy thongs, bras with tiny ribbons, and mesh-backed boy shorts.  If you’re aiming to create the illusion of romance more than playing the role of a seductive goddess, opt for an innocent-looking white pushup bra with a pair of pink and white lace-trimmed panties.  Don’t forget a pair of sky-high heels with attractive accents like sequins, feathers, or rhinestones.

Smell Nice

A sensual whiff of the right perfume is enough to make any client’s heart race.  Leave the citrus scents and overly sweet fragrances at home, and use a splash of something seductively alluring instead.  Fresh florals, rich vanilla, and bold musk are just a few of the extracts that are sure to delight the nostrils of your audience.  If you’re working a long shift, keep a perfume bottle in your locker so that you can reapply the scent throughout your shift.

Vamp it Up

Looking for an excuse to try that smoldering eye look you saw on Pinterest or test out that deep red lipstick that’s been buried in your makeup bag for months?  Now’s your chance. Transform yourself into a V-Day vixen by applying shimmery shadow, lots of liner, and plenty of mascara. Plump up your pretty pout with some shiny gloss or an intense hue of lipstick, and don’t be scared to pile on the cosmetics. Bonus points for high-volume, sex kitten hair or a cascade of curls tumbling down your back. 

Shimmy and Shake

Choose your Valentine’s Day playlist carefully.  Dancers need tracks that are fun and frisky, not songs that will remind the single members in the audience of their current status.  “I’m in Love With a Stripper” is always a popular choice, because really, who isn’t?  “I’m a Slave 4 U” will make every patron feel like you’re dancing just for them as you gyrate your hips, and “Stay the Night” hints at plenty of no-strings-attached fun for your clients.  Just about anything by Madonna will work, but make sure to avoid songs by Drake or Evanescence.  

Daydream a Bit

Your audience comes for the full sensory experience, and it’s hard to help visitors slip into a fantasy world if you’ve got a bunch of stuff on your mind. Don’t think about that calc test you still need to study for or worry about the big argument that you and your boyfriend got into before work.  Take a deep breath, relax, and transport yourself to a happy, sexy place.  Fake it at first if you have to – eventually, you will find yourself cheering up and getting into your routine. 

Know Your Audience

Seasoned strippers agree that some patrons come to see the RI Dolls on Valentine’s Day because they’re depressed and lonely.  It’s easy to feel sorry for these guests and find yourself actively participating in a free therapy session, but remember that stripping is still a business.  Listening attentively as someone drunkenly sobs about the one who got away is okay, but if you don’t see any cash after a bit, it’s time to pull yourself away and keep dancing.  Dancing for the Rhode Island Dolls requires you to find the perfect blend of compassion and professionalism, and it gets easier to nail those traits over time.  Get out on the stage, have some fun, and go home with your wallet stuffed with bills on V-Day. You’ve got this.