How To Use Makeup To Make Your Face And Body Look Slimmer

As a RI Doll dancer, it’s important to always look your best. One thing many girls often overlook is that they can use make-up to enhance their best features, as well as make their face and body look slimmer. While you may be hesitant to put makeup on your body, you don’t have to worry about it smudging while you’re doing your thing on stage or wiping off on your client during a lap dance. With makeup, you can sculpt your body into looking just the way you want it to look—sleek, soft, and sexy.

Make Your Face Look Slimmer

Start with a subtle bronzer with no red tones and a matte finish. Using a large brush, sweep the bronzer across the hollows of your cheeks and under your jawline. Next, take your contour and brush it above where you just placed the bronzer on your cheekbones. One of the biggest mistakes exotic dancers make when using bronzer is that they put it on under their cheekbone, which is too low to be effective.

Next, take another bronzer that is a little darker than your natural skin tone and apply it down the sides of your nose, in a straight line. Start from the corner of your eyes and brush down to the side of the tip of your nose. Then, lightly blend it in. Make sure the bridge of your nose is defined and looks narrower, but you don’t see a line where the makeup shades change.

RI Dolls dancers that don’t like their chin and neck can follow a simple expert makeup tip to hide any unwanted drooping. Simply sweep some bronzer under your jaw line and the area will look like it’s receding. Keep in mind that light makeup calls attention to areas and makes it more prominent, darker makeup fades areas into the background and other people’s eyes are averted to the lighters areas.

If you’ve ever looked at a celebrity’s makeup, you may notice that the center of her face is subtly lighter than the edges. When you bring light to the center of your face, any extra width slides to the background and becomes almost invisible. The best way to achieve this look is by putting a highlighter or brightener in the inside corners of your eyes, down the bridge of your nose, and finish it off with a dab in the middle of your top lip. Then, add pops of color to the apples of your cheeks.

Make Your Arms Appear Slimmer

You can even out the color of your arms with self tanning lotion, adding contour to make your arms look thinner. Start with a self-tanner that’s about two or three shades darker than your skin tone. Apply a dollop of tanner to your hand and apply to the inside of your arm, around and into your armpits. As you’re rubbing the tanner on, focus on the corner near your arm pit. Also, rub the tanner directly into your armpit. Continue rubbing the tanner down the inside top of your arm and then back towards your elbow to create a subtle shadow. Next, take another dollop of tanning lotion and rub it onto the back-side of your armpit, and down the backside of your arm, again going down in a line that slightly curves towards your elbow. This will create a second shadow area.

Use another self tanning lotion that is about two or three shades lighter than the previous color and apply it to the middle of the front and back of your arms, where the darker lotion hasn’t been applied. Take a big round brush and blend the shades together. Finally, add some shimmer to the front of your shoulder, and down the center of the top of your arm to create contour.

Slim and Lengthen Your Legs

To make your legs look long and slim, apply a luminizer all over them when you get out of the shower. As the lights in Rhode Island Dolls gentleman’s club hits your legs while you’re dancing, they will not only look smooth and shiny, but they will also look long and lean. If you don’t have luminizer, you can make your own by first putting a good amount of lotion on your legs, then dust on a light coat of shimmery light-colored eye shadow or face powder down your shinbone.

If you have a few flaws you want to hide, like dark spots, freckles, or veins, just use a darker self tanner or tinted moisturizer to hide them. Then dust a bit of shimmer powder or use luminizer on your thighs and calves to create contour.

When you use makeup to make your body look slimmer prior to your shift at RI Dolls, keep these three rules in mind at all times:

1. Light makeup colors highlight areas, will draw attention to those areas, and will bring those areas forward.

2. Darker makeup will diminish and recede areas.

3. Use a highlighter with a light shimmer to emphasize an already light area and complete the contouring effect.