I Always Sleep Better After A Night At Rhode Island Dolls

Sleeping after a night at RI DollsI’ve never been great at sleeping but as I’ve gotten older, it’s been even more challenging. My job is stressful. Relationships are freaking hard. I feel like I’m constantly under pressure to do more, be more, and have more. But that’s life, right?

But it shouldn’t keep you from sleeping at night. Unfortunately, for a lot of us, it does. I’ve tried all the tricks. Warm milk, turning off the television, having a hot bath – none of them really seem to work well for me.

One night, I’d been laying there for over an hour wishing that sleep would finally come when I started thinking about my last visit to Rhode Island Dolls.  In Woonsocket, that is the best place to go to if you want to see beautiful girls dancing on the stage.  I don’t get to go as often as I like but when I do, my mind completely relaxes.  I just enjoy the company of the dolls and forget everything else.

I started thinking about one of my favorite dancers.  She’s a gorgeous redhead babe that really knows how to rock animal print outfits.  I can remember the first time I saw her on the stage.  She blew my mind with her great smile and when she came to talk to me later in the evening I knew why I was so drawn to her.  She was genuinely a really nice girl.  She told me a little bit about her life but she mostly listened.  And she really seemed to enjoy talking to me.

That night, I imagined her dancing on stage.  Her every move was for me.  She smiled as her body wrapped around the pole and she looked back at me with those green eyes as if she was remembering our last conversation.  And before I knew it, I was fast asleep.

The next night, I knew I had to see if that was just a coincidence or if thinking about Rhode Island Dolls dancers really helped me relax.  I mean, it seemed kind of silly that daydreaming about dancers at a gentlemen’s club could help me to sleep but…well, I was willing to try anything twice if it worked once!

After my girlfriend went home, I drank my tea as usual.  I put on a CD with a song on it that I remembered being played at the club, got under the covers and lay as still as possible. This time I thought about another girl.  This one was a blonde.  She had this energy that I loved and whether she was dancing to a fast song or a slow song she seemed to have this vibe that made me feel like the room was buzzing.

In my mind, I saw her come out on the stage.  She had a walk that would make men stop and stare, whether she was fully dressed on the street or in one of her sexy stage costumes.  It was almost a strut like she knew she was hot and loved the fact that all eyes were on her.  She approached the pole like it was her dance partner and she couldn’t wait for the song to begin.  Each move was deliberate and sent shivers down my spine.  She loved eye contact and made it clear that she expected you to be in awe of her beauty. 

As the bits and pieces of clothing were removed one by one, she revealed a toned tummy, thighs that every man would love to get lost in, and breasts that stood perfectly at attention.  Her hands roamed over her body, making sure you knew darned well what her best assets were. 

It was amazing.  I fell asleep again.  And let me just add that my dreams were amazing!

Now, even though I still don’t get to go to Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket as often as I wish I could get there, I see those girls every night before I fall asleep.  And I am finally past my sleep problems.  Each night I let all the stress and pressure of the day slip away as I imagine the dolls doing their thing on the stage and each night I sleep peacefully.  I’d much rather see them in real life, but on those nights that I can’t get there, at least my good imagination lets me have a decent sleep!