I Convinced My Husband To Take Me To Rhode Island Dolls With Him

I’ve wanted to go to RI Dolls in Woonsocket with my husband for some time because he goes there often with his buddies. I guess I kind of just wanted to see what the big deal was about. It wasn’t that I didn’t trust him. I do. But I just wanted to be a part of it.

At first he didn’t want to bring me with him. Maybe because it is his place to go and get away from life and he thought that if I went that he might lose that. It was a place where he could just go and be a guy with his buddies. And he was likely worried  that if I went I was going to try to stop him from going.

But I did convince him to take me to Rhode Island Dolls gentlemen’s club so I could check it out for myself. This is how I did it.

The first thing I had to do was let him know that I was fine with him going on his own and that I wasn’t going to expect me to take me all the time. He needed to understand that I didn’t have a problem with him being around a bunch of sex women. I didn’t mind because he comes home to me, not any of them. He sleeps next to me at night, not them and he loves me, not them. I told him all this and he started to relax a little bit and seemed to be almost ready to let me go with him.

Once I got him to understand that, I reminded him that I love him and that I just wanted to enjoy the things he enjoyed with him – at least sometimes. I also told him that I know he needed his space too but I just wanted to go once and that if he loved me, he would let me go with him to see what all the fuss is about with this strip club.

Another good point that I brought up was the food. He knows darned well that I love food and he’s always telling me about how good the meals are there. I wanted to go to the RI Dolls to try their famous food I keep hearing about. Is it really as good as everyone says it is? I wanted to find out so I told him that I wanted to try their famous food and see how good it really is.

I reminded him that sometimes I just needed a good drink and a chance to unwind, too. Just like he does. And it would be nice to do that together. With taking care of the kids all day, sometimes we just need some time for ourselves and sometimes I just need a drink. I heard they had good drinks there too and I wanted to try it.

I also suggested that going together might be good for our marriage. Sometimes, after you’ve been married for a long time, you need a little outside inspiration. And every couple can benefit from increased intimacy in their marriage. When I suggested this, he instantly became more open to the idea. In fact, I think it was the main thing that convinced him to take me with him to RI Dolls!

Finally, I told him I understand that he sometimes needs a place to go to unwind from the day and that I wouldn’t take that away from him at all. After all, I just want to go one time to see what it is like. I might not even like it and might never want to go back but at least I can say I tried a strip club and that it made our marriage stronger by me being an understanding and loving wife to my husband.

Sometimes, men need a place like RI Dolls to help them get away from the outside world and to unwind from a hard day of work. However, sometimes a woman gets curious about where her husband goes and wants to see it for herself.

And guess what? We went to Rhode Island Dolls together and had a great time. We purposefully picked a night when his buddies weren’t planning to be there and even though a couple of them were there anyway, we had a lot of fun. I bought him a private dance and watched and the fact that I was watching him really got him worked up!  I’ll be polite by saying that we were very inspired later on that night!