I Dream Of Seeing An Adult Film Star At RI Dolls

seeing-an-adult-film-starI wouldn’t call myself a dirt old man, but I definitely appreciate the site of a beautiful woman. That’s why I enjoy my trips to RI Dolls gentleman’s club. They have the best strippers in the area, the best food in the state, and a great mix of music. Their service is also top-notch. I never have an empty glass in front of me, and my plate is always taken away seconds after I’m done eating. I’ve been to RI Dolls on average nights, and I’ve been to a few different events they’ve had over the years, like the Christmas Party, Topless Car Wash, and the Summer Bike Run. But what I’ve never experienced is meeting an adult film star!

It’s been a long-standing fantasy of mine to meet a film star on one of my visits to RI Dolls. These special events are very popular, so I expect the strip club to be busier than usual when there’s a film star performing there. The more people, the more fun I’d have at the club. I don’t mind crowds at all. In fact, I have this fantasy about going to RI Dolls to see an adult film star… and it goes something like this:

I walk into the club wearing a black pinstripe Armani suit and a black fedora hat, which look perfect with my slightly graying hair and go-tee. I look like a boss, so naturally all the Dolls flock to me when I step into the room. A cute redhead pulls out my chair and motions for me to sit down, and I oblige. A hot blonde runs over and places my favorite martini in front of me. And a two seconds later, I also have an array of great food on my table, including shrimp cocktail, filet mignon, a Caesar salad, and a slice of decadent cheese cake. Another blonde, though this one is more voluptuous, sits next to me to keep my company while I eat.

After my meal is over, I get a table dance from the Doll who sat with me while I ate my dinner. I give her a $100 tip and ask her to stick around, since I really like her. She was very thankful for the cash and said that she was mine for the whole night. But, like potato chips, I can’t have just one. So, I ask for the cute redhead to come back and I get a dance from her. She is adorable, so I decided to give her a hundred too, to stick around.

Then, the lights start flashing, the music gets a little louder, and the DJ announces the arrival of a special guest that night. It’s one of the hottest adult film stars of today. I ask for a front row seat, flashing my smile and another $100 bill. I also want my two Dolls to sit next to me to enjoy the show. All three of us site in prime seats front and center. My heart is pumping with exciting anticipation of seeing a real porn star up close!

The lights dim and a new banging song starts wafting through the club’s speakers. It was a catch tune, so I wasn’t surprised to realize I was tapping my foot to the beat. The two strippers on each side of me were giggling and whispering in my ear about how I’m going to get so turned on by the special performance. It just made the anticipation grow stronger.

Finally, the adult film star stepped out onto the stage. She was more beautiful in person than on the screen. I think my mouth hung open longer than it should, because the next thing I know, the star is strutting over to me, bends over so I can see her ample cleavage, and uses her pointer finger to push up on my lower jaw to close my mouth.

She walked over to the pole, grabbed on tightly, kicked her foot up in the air, and swung around it with an intensity that I’ve never seen. As she continues to dance around the pole, she takes off one piece of clothing at a time. Her body is amazing. Her hair is perfect. Her skin is shiny and smooth. I can’t take my eyes off of her. The Dolls were right. She is amazing. I was very turned on.

After her show, she was going to be giving autographs and selling some merchandise. I just had to get an autographed picture with this sexy siren. So, I walked over and introduced myself. She was so sweet. I had my picture taken several times with her, bought a few movies, and even grabbed a toy to bring home to my wife.

After she did her time giving out autographs, the adult film star showed up at my table. I couldn’t believe it! She said I was sexy! Now that’s a compliment that I’ll never forget! She ended up spending the rest of the night at my table and we had a blast. Now, if only I can make this fantasy a reality!