I Got a Second Job as a Dancer at RI Dolls

I know lots of people get second jobs. They can help pay the bills (because let’s be honest, it’s hard to find just one job that can pay all of them). They can give you a better lifestyle.

Me? I took a second job because I wanted to save up money for a vacation of a life time. Not just a vacation where I come back after a couple weeks, all nice and brown. A vacation that lasts for 6 months and I get to explore all of the places I dreamed of visiting. Typical second job options just weren’t going to get me that kind of money.

That’s why I decided to become an exotic dancer. Ok – a stripper.

I wanted to make as much money in as little time as possible and I wanted to make money doing something I like.  My friends and I used to go to the clubs all the time and one of them said, “You’re such a good dancer – you should be a stripper.”  I don’t think she was serious. But the more I thought about it the more it made sense to me.

I have a good body. I work out on a regular basis. And I’m still young. I’m not going to be young forever and this opportunity won’t always be here for me.  I knew that in order to make the kind of money I would need for my big vacation (and I wanted to do this while I was young and adventurous) I would need to think outside the box.  I thought about how I might feel about taking my clothes off in front of a bunch of people I don’t know and you know, it just didn’t bother me that much.

So, I came to Rhode Island Dolls and I applied for a job as a dancer. There were other places I could have applied at but RI Dolls is a classy joint and I have heard that the management is good so it was my top choice. And I got the job.

I was pretty green at first and I have to admit I was pretty nervous my first night on the floor. But the other dancers were great. They helped me stay calm and they gave me some good tips. And before you know it I was working that pole like a pro.

Sure, I did spend some time practicing different dance moves at home, working out routines, and mostly coming up with some good costume ideas.  Mostly now, I go with the innocent cheerleader look. I’ve tried a few other things, too, but the innocent look just works for me. The girls that I work with say it is my farm girl look. I’ve never been on a farm in my life but they say that the freckles and the auburn hair is what does it.  I actually even have a farm girl costume!

Another plus about this job is that my body is in better shape than ever. I mentioned that I work out regularly – and I still do – but dancing works out entirely different muscles in your body.  As a result of dancing at the pole and giving lap dances, my body has become leaner.  My butt is hard as a rock and my thighs are muscled but still curvy and sensuous. I truly love what dancing has done for my body!

I’ve been working her for a couple months now and I love it more than my day job that I went to college to get.  And you know what? This pays more, too! I’m not saying this is my new career or anything but…well, a couple more months and I’ll be starting my big vacation. I’m going to Europe and I’m going to visit all the places that I have always wanted to see. And I’m not doing it on the cheap either. 

I’ve already decided that when I come back, I’m going to work here while I’m looking for a day job.  Why not? It’s fun and the money is good.  I’m actually thinking that the career I trained for might not be the one I want to have forever. I never knew before now that you could have a job you love so much. So, maybe I’ll go back to school and learn to do something I like better than the job I’ve had for the past few years.  Maybe I’ll even become a professional dancer. Who knows. I love being a stripper at Rhode Island Dolls so why not?