I Met My High School Crush At RI Dolls (Kinda)

My best friends and I have been going to RI Dolls for years. In Woonsocket, Rhode Island, it’s the next best thing to having a fantasy life. It’s great. They have the sexiest dancers and the dolls are all friendly and enjoyable. There are our favorite drinks and the cook does some pretty amazing things with a burger.

One night, there was a new dancer on the stage and I had to look several times because I could have sworn she was my high school crush! She looked just as gorgeous as she did back in high school and even though it was twenty years later, she hadn’t aged a bit.

Then I realized that it wasn’t my high school crush. But it was a young dancer named Stacy who looked just like her.

Stacy was looking really good. Her long red hair had a slight wave to it, making her look like she just stepped off the sandy shores of the beach. Her tan skin shimmered in the lights, making me want to reach out and touch her. And her slim and toned body was engulfed in a hunter green dress with diamond and silver beaded detailing. Green was always a good color on her because it made her blue eyes pop. I could easily get mesmerized by her glance.

She felt my stare and looked me in the eye as she walked over to my table. The deep slit in her gown revealed smooth legs and silver strappy heels that added at least 5 inches to her height. When she said hello, my mouth dropped. Her voice was so sexy and a little deeper. Not like the little girl I used to know. I invited her to sit next to me as I ordered a bottle of champagne.

We chatted about things that I can’t even remember because the only thoughts going through my mind was how beautiful she was. After I filled up our glasses for a second time, I pulled out my wallet and paid for a lap dance. With her glass of bubbly in one hand, she grabbed my pinky finger with her other hand and we walked over to a special area of RI Dolls that is reserved for private dances. At first it was like we were moving in slow motion, then I turned to sit on the plush couch and Stacy got between my knees and started her performance.

I was smiling the entire time, with goose bumps appearing everywhere her body touched mine. She rocked her hips as her green gown slid down her body and landed around her feet, revealing the silky skin of her tanned tummy. I liked the little diamond belly ring she had, but my focus quickly changed to her voluptuous breasts. They were much bigger than a handful, and her nipples were large and erect. There were no tan lines on this sexy stripper, which made it more erotic because I was thinking about her sunbathing nude.

Then, Stacy  turned around, arched her back, and sat right on my crotch. I let out a deep breath as she began to grind into my jeans. I could smell vanilla and lilac, and it was driving me over the edge. Just when I didn’t think I could take it anymore, she leaned into my face and her hair fell around my neck while her breast lay against the side of my cheek for a few seconds before she pulled away. RI Dolls strip club is known for having hot girls dancing there all day and night, but tonight, Stacy was on fire.

When the song ended, I pulled out another bill and asked her to keep going. I kept a few dollars in my hand to tip her as she danced around me. With the first single, I folded it lengthwise and touched the soft skin of her breast just like it was my own finger. With the next one, I was able to slip it into the garter that wrapped around her firm thigh. But the last one was special. This bill went right between her legs before she did an amazing acrobatic move that made me want her even more. When the song was over, I needed a break so I wouldn’t explode from pleasure. I headed back over to the guys and finished my champagne. 

I know that the stripper I was playing with all night wasn’t my high school crush. But this dancer from Rhode Island Dolls strip club looked a lot like her. The fantasy was fun while it lasted. I wonder what the girl from high school is doing these days?