I Might Meet My Next Boyfriend At RI Dolls

I know guys love to go to stripper bars, but when my friend told me I should go there to meet single guys, I thought she was crazy. She reminded me that there are a lot of well-off businessmen who go to clubs, like RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Since I’ve been just about everywhere else to meet someone, why not try Rhode Island Dolls? I’ve never been to a strip club before. It could be fun. Of course, I’d make sure my friend and her boyfriend come with me.

The more I thought about it, the more it sounds like a lot of fun. I mean, I could meet the man of my dreams at RI Dolls gentleman’s club. While I’m waiting for him, I can watch beautiful women dancing. I am always amazed by the moves these girls can do on a pole. I’d love to see it in real life. Also, the chance to go somewhere new and different—someplace other than our usual hangout, is always a plus. I’m so excited about going to RI Dolls that I can’t stop thinking about it.

I can picture it now. My friend Melissa, her boyfriend Joe, and I will probably go on a Friday night. I’m not sure if we’ll eat there or not, but I know that I’m going to order a raspberry Mojito for my first drink. Melissa orders a Cosmopolitan, and Joe orders a Bud Light. We find a seat a little further back, just to get our bearings in the strip club. Joe has been to RI Dolls a few times, but Melissa and I never have. So we kind of want to ease into the experience. While we sit at the table talking about our week, I spot a table with four guys dressed in suits. All of them are very good looking!

With encouragement from Melissa, I send a round of drinks over to the suits. I’m so embarrassed because I’ve never done anything like this before, but if I don’t put myself out there I could miss something, right? And if I do end up feeling like a fool, who cares? I doubt I’ll ever see those guys again. After a few minutes, I see the server place their drinks on the table, then she turns and points to me. All four guys smile and wave, then turn to each other and I’m sure start talking about me.

It didn’t take long before one of the men dressed in a suit comes over to my table and introduces himself as Scott. He’s the sexiest one of the group! And, he seems to be around my age. BINGO!! I tell him my name, and then I introduce my friends Melissa and Joe. Scott sits down and we talk for a little while. My face must have turned 5 shades of red when he asks if I was seeing anyone. I told him I’m not. He isn’t seeing anyone either. But before long, his buddies were summoning him back to his table.

Melissa, Joe, and I order a couple more rounds of drinks as we enjoy the dancing Dolls around us. Before long, Melissa and Joe get a lap dance together from a red-head siren. I wasn’t left alone at the table for very long because a very pretty blonde stripper came over and told me that Scott bought me a lap dance! I was shocked, excited, and scared. I told the stripper that I’ve never had one before, and she laughed as she told me not to worry. She says that she’ll be gentle, and give me the best first lap dance a person could ever ask for.

When the song starts, I peek around the gyrating exotic dancer doing her strip tease routine in front of me to see Scott had changed his seat so he could watch. I find this to be very erotic. So I get into the lap dance a little more by relaxing and enjoying the performance. I think the stripper noticed Scott watching from afar because she suddenly got a lot more risque in her dance moves, which I greatly enjoy.

The best part of my first lap dance was when the exotic dancer puts my hands on her naked hips while she is grinding on my lap. It was so hot, I start forgetting about Scott watching and I start thinking about what it would be like to be with another woman. The song stopped just in time, because there is only so much sexual heat a person can bare without going over the line in a strip club.

As the stripper put her costume back on, Scott was by my side and asked how I liked my first lap dance. I thank him profusely and tell him it was fantastic. He walks me over to the main stage and we take the only two seats available. He asks me for my phone number, and I give it to him…

I don’t know. Maybe I could meet “the one” at RI Dolls. In any case, it will be fun to find out.