I Want To Bring My Wife To Rhode Island Dolls

Wife at Rhode Island DollsLast weekend, my wife and her best friend went out while I stayed home with the kids. They were pretty tipsy so I invited her friend, Michelle, to sleep over because I didn’t want her to drive drunk. We decided to extend the party since the kids were sleeping, so we had a few more drinks. After some teasing and truth or dare-type talk, my wife Jenna and Michelle kissed. It was so hot watching these two sexy women make out. Seeing their wet tongues playing with each other as they held each other tight was enough to make my bulge grow until it was about to burst out of my pants.

It never got much further than a few hot and heavy make-out sessions, but it certainly got my mind spinning. I’d love to see my wife with other women and began to fantasize about taking her to RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. This is a classy gentlemen’s club and I knew it would be fun to take her with me, and she would feel comfortable here. Not to mention I’m dying to see her get a lap dance from a sexy striper.

I’d want to make a night of it, with plenty to time to go home and get it on between the sheets, so we decided to get there before 6 PM so we don’t have to pay a cover charge and we could also get a pitcher of beer for only $5, until 7PM. By that time, we’d want a stronger drink anyway, so it would work out perfectly. We’d save some money at the start of the night so we could finish off with a bang.

I’d start off slow and pick a prime seat at the main stage so my wife could get the feel of how things go at a strip club. I’d place a couple bucks in front of Jenna and watch her watch the exotic dancer spread her legs and touch herself for my wife. I just know Jenna would love it, and I’d love watching her. All the girls here are hot, so I wonder which one Jenna would like best? I think she’d have a hard time choosing just one, because I can’t choose just one.

After a while, I’d call one of our favorite erotic dancers over and ask her to give my wife a lap dance. She’d lead Jenna into a more private area, with a plush purple velvet couch and swanky curtains. I’d move my seat so I could see perfectly, but not be in the way. I don’t want to ruin her experience, but I’m not about to let her have this experience without being able to watch.

The stripper didn’t even wait for a new song to start. She flirted with Jenna as she started her strip tease dance. Jenna was smiling from ear to ear. As the stripper slowly took off her clothes to reveal her smooth tanned skin, Jenna looked at every inch of her body. When the dancer eased in to whisper in Jenna’s ear, I couldn’t help but look just in time to see her nipples graze over Jenna’s breasts, and then I saw Jenna’s nipples get hard and protrude through her shirt. I could only imagine what a stripper would say to my beautiful wife, but the thought of it made me even more horny.

As I continued to daydream about taking my wife to Rhode Island Dolls, I imagined the stripper straddling over Jenna’s petite frame, and the stripper taking hold of my wife’s hands and placing them on her firm tight butt. I could see Jenna squeezing the plump flesh and I could barely contain myself. While it was only a fantasy, I was getting hard in real life. Although it might not have been the perfect time or place to be fantasizing, I couldn’t stop these images from bombarding my mind.

Next, I imagined the sexy stripper once again taking my wife’s hands, but this time she placed them onto her breasts. With her hands over Jenna’s, she squeezed her breasts, giving Jenna the okay to feel their firmness. I knew Jenna enjoyed it, and I know that Jenna could feel the strippers hard nipples in the palm of her hand. I also imagined Jenna was getting just as horny as I was.

After an erotic night out at RI Dolls gentlemen’s club, we’d rushed home for more fun between the sheets. I knew that we’d spend a few hours naked and drinking in each other’s bodies like we did before we had kids. I think this would actually be the best part of the night, though it wouldn’t be possible without our trip to Rhode Island Dolls.