I Want To Celebrate My Boyfriend’s College Grad At Rhode Island Dolls

This has been a tough year for all of us but it is my boyfriend’s college graduation year and I want to make sure it is special for him. With Covid-19, he’s had to jump through some hoops and do things a little bit differently to make it happen and he’s not going to get a big grad ceremony. So I want to be sure he gets a graduation party that he’ll never forget. As soon as RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island opens up, I’m booking his grad party.

I know he’s been working really hard over the past 4 years and we have missed each other a lot. We do have some special stuff planned for the summer – like a trip out of the country if all goes better this year – but I want him to be able to really celebrate with me and all of our friends. And I happen to know that RI Dolls is one of his favorite places to party when he is home.

The more I think about going to RI Dolls with my boyfriend the more I like the idea. I know he has been there lots but we have never gone together. I’m sure it will be quite the unique experience. I’ve thought about going with him before but I was kind of nervous about it. I’m still kind of nervous about it but I’ve talked to some of my girlfriends that have gone there and it sounds like it will be nothing but a good time.

I figure we will start with some good food and a few cocktails. I’ll be dancing in my seat and I’m sure I won’t be able to stop watching the dancers. I’ve never seen a female stripper before but I had a friend that used to be a dancer. To be honest, I had a bit of a crush on her. Don’t tell. I imagine that she’s one of the dancers and I watch her up there on the stage doing her things. She’s got long blonde hair full of soft waves that sweep across her tan skin with every sexy move she made. She has a perfect body, beautiful face, and  dance moves that made everyone who watches her melt in their chair. I’m pretty sure my boyfriend will enjoy watching me watch her.

My boyfriend and I will talk and laugh with all of our friends. We’ll talk about which strippers have the best hair, best outfits. And I know at some point that he’s going to ask me if I want to get a lap dance because what guy doesn’t want to watch his girlfriend getting a lapdance from a hot stripper? Even though I already know I am going to do it, I’ll act shy at first and let him talk me into it. And then I’ll agree. Of course, I’m going to pick the hottest dancer there. .

My boyfriend will call the dancer over and we’ll tak for a little bit and then he’ll ask her to give me a lap dance. He’ll explain to her that I’ve never had a lap dance before so she’ll start slow. I’ll maintain eye contact with her but i know that he’ll be watching us the whole time. I’ll lick my lips and shimmy a little in my seat. By the time she’s done her dance I know my boyfriend is going to be so turned on. It will just make for more fun between us later on.

Maybe I’ll even try to imitate some of the dancers’ moves for my boyfriend later on! Honestly, both the idea of getting a lap dance and the idea of replicating those moves for my boyfriend is very appealing to me. Women are sexy and even though I’ve never thought of being with a woman, I can understand the sexiness of women’s bodies. I love doing sexy things that make both me and my boyfriend feel good.

When the song is over it will definitely be my boyfriend’s turn. I know that he loves dancers and I can’t wait to see him get turned on and aroused by a lap dance while I watch him. He has no idea that this gets me excited. We’ve never talked about it. I guess he is going to know after the night at RI Dolls though!

He’ll pick out a stripper of his choice. I’m curious to see what kind of dancer he will choose. Will it be someone that looks like me or will he go for someone totally different? I figure this will give me some fodder to  feed his fantasie in the future. I know he is crazy about me but what kind of girl does he fantasize about?

I know a lot of women are not happy about their guys going to strip clubs. But really, if he’s coming home to me why should I care? It’s not like I don’t fantasize about my favorite celebrities! The way I see it, fantasy is part of a healthy sex life – as long as you aren’t afraid to share it once in a while!