I Want To Spend My Next Birthday At Rhode Island Dolls

Birthday Parties at Rhode Island DollsMy birthday is coming up soon and I always have a night out with the guys to celebrate. I usually don’t have a say in where we go, and we always have a great time, but this year I really hope we go to Rhode Island Dolls. I’ve been to RI Dolls gentlemen’s club once before and I’ve wanted to go back again ever since. So what better time than for my birthday?

I’ve thought a lot about what the guys and I would do at Rhode Island Dolls, and how the night would play out while we are there. I want to get started early so we can enjoy the whole night with all the sexy strippers, so we arrive at the club by 5 PM on Saturday night. Because we are there before 6 PM, we get in for free. That’s more money we can use to tip the girls! It’s also a great time to arrive at RI Dolls because between the hours of 3 and 7 PM, a pitcher of domestic draft beer is only $5.

So, the guys and I are at the strip club enjoying the company of hot women and cold beers. Since it’s my birthday, and my fantasy, I go all out and spend tons of money. First, I get a nice massage by this sexy chic in a white doctor’s coat with no pants. She must be a professional masseuse because she does a really good job. After I was fully relaxed, I moved to the main stage to check out the hot bodies dancing naked.

There are two girls strutting their stuff up and down the main stage. I wave a couple dollars and place them in front of me on the stage. Both girls crawl over to me on their hands and knees. They get so close, I can feel their breath on my neck and the sweet smell of vanilla fills my nose. I can’t help but look down and see two pairs of huge knockers calling my name. I want to reach out and feel them, but I know it’s disrespectful and against the rules, so I keep my hands to myself and continue to enjoy the show. But when the two girls kissed each other, I literally began to melt into my seat.

So that goes on for a while, until I’m ready for something a little more personal. I pick out a pretty Doll and ask for a dance. She smiles and walks me over to a secluded booth with a plush couch and dark drapes that make me feel like royalty just sitting there. When the next song starts, her body starts to rock. Before long, her little outfit comes off and her naked body is inches from my face. Her smooth tan skin looks delicious, and I have to sit on my hands so I’m not tempted to reach out and touch her. She sits on my lap and grinds her round ass into my crotch, and I silently moan with pleasure. I told her it was my birthday, so she did a little something extra special for me.

When that dance was over, I started walking back to the table where my buddies were. But I stopped along the way to watch this sexy Doll dancing on a pole. I had to tip her because she could defy gravity. She was fantastic. I finally made it to the table and drank a few beers. The next thing I know, two more strippers come over to me. One sits down on my lap and the other starts rubbing my neck. I know they are talking to me, but I can’t tell what they are saying. I just look at their beautiful smiles and their heaving chests. It’s all I can do to not get too aroused, which I’m sure is what their intention is.

Once again I find myself sitting on a soft couch tucked into the back of the club, but this time I have two smoking hot women dancing naked for me. They are both about 5″4′, and thin but voluptuous. One girl had long wavy blonde hair and the other girl had straight black hair with streaks of hot pink and electric blue. I couldn’t take my eyes off their tight bodies, big breasts, flat stomachs, and round asses. But what really made my night was when the blonde took my hands and planted them right on her ass checks and let me squeeze her butt.

I never really get past this point in my fantasy because it’s just too much. Now I just have to give my friends a call and tell them that we are going to Rhode Island Dolls gentlemen’s club for my birthday. They have no choice! Then, I can make my fantasy come true.