I Want to Take My Wife to a Rhode Island Strip Club! (It could come true…)

Woonsocket Strip ClubI haven’t figured out how I’m going to do this yet but I want to take my wife to a gentleman’s club, like Rhode Island Dolls. I figure if I’m going to convince her to go and see strippers with me, RI Dolls is the perfect place to take her. It is not like other strip clubs that you see in movies and stuff where the place is all seedy and the girls are trashy looking. It is a classy gentleman’s club with a nice decor and classy dancers that won’t make her feel uncomfortable.

I know that my wife enjoys the female form so I’m not sure why we haven’t done this before. I think she would really enjoy it.

I’ve thought about it a lot. I can see her entering the place and looking around and seeing all the beautiful girls. I wonder who she would like the most? Would it be the pretty and petite blonde dancer that always wears her hair in a pony tail because it makes her look young? Or would it be the tall and curvy raven haired beauty that looks like she’s got lots of experience and has eyes that feel like they are devouring you each time she looks at you?

I’m guessing that she’d go for the cute little blonde.

I can just see her sitting right in front of the stage as she does her dance. This particular blonde stripper that I’m thinking of likes fun costumes, like her cowgirl outfit. She has a pretend horse that she prances around on for a bit and then she hits the pole. She has a way of making a guy (or in my wife’s case, a girl) pretty jealous of that pole! When she’s dressed in her cowgirl outfit she puts her hair in two pigtailed braids that she flips around. She’s wearing a denim skirt and cowboy boots and a leather vest. She looks right at my wife as she slides the vest down her arms to reveal small but perfect breasts inside a faux leather bra. Cute hey? My wife’s eyes get big and never leave our cute little cowgirl dancer. And I can tell that she’s really enjoying it. In fact, if I didn’t know better I would think that my wife is kind of turned on.

After the dance, our cowgirl comes over to talk to us. She flirts with my wife. It’s like I’m not even there. She asks her if she liked her routine and my wife nods enthusiastically. She asks her if she’d like a lap dance and again my wife nods. Finally she looks at me (she’d pretty much ignored me up until that point) and then back at my wife and asks if she wants “him” to watch. Again my wife nods.

We are led back to one of the rooms where the girls give private dances and she directs my wife to sit in the chair. I slither off to the furthest corner of the room. My wife will know I am still there if she wants me to be there but, if not, she can completely forget about me and enjoy herself. And I can enjoy watching her enjoy herself!

Our little cow girl teases my wife. She makes her shut her eyes at first and dances around her and whispers things in her ear. I can’t hear what she is saying but my wife is squirming visibly. Then she opens her eyes and the cow girl is in front of her. She swivels her hips to the music she’s put on (something slow and sensual that I almost recognize); she turns and gives my wife a good view of her perfect little cheeks that peek out from beneath her denim skirt. She faces my wife again, spreads my wife’s legs, and slides in between them and slithers her body so close to my wife that I can hardly stand it. I can hear my wife breathing heavy and I can see the smile on the blonde dancer’s face.

So, now, the question is, if I ask my wife to come to Rhode Island Dolls with me tonight to see the dancers will she jump at the chance or will she slap my face? I’m really hoping it is the first one!