If I Got A Promotion I’d Celebrate At Rhode Island Dolls

Celebration Party at Rhode Island DollsI’ve been working at in my current position for a few years now, and there is word spreading that a vice president is going to be giving his notice in the next few weeks. I’d love to get promoted to that position, for all the same reasons anyone else would welcome a job promotion. I’ve been thinking that if I did get the promotion, I’d want to celebrate with a few of my close friends and co-workers. While fantasizing about where I’d like to go to celebrate, a few places popped up in my mind. Instead of just going to the same old bar or restaurant, I want to celebrate my promotion in Woonsocket, Rhode Island at RI Dolls. This is a sexy and upscale strip club that makes you feel like you are on the Vegas Strip the second you step in the door.

As soon as I could announce my promotion, I’d call my friends and tell them to get ready for a night of celebration after work on Friday night. I’d also tell them to make sure they have plenty of singles in their pockets and to expect a wild and crazy night. I’ve been saving up for this for a while now, and money will be no option for my special night out with the guys.

At the RI Dolls gentlemen’s club, we’d roll in like we own the place. Sharply dressed after a day at the office, we would loosen our ties and feast on the eye candy dancing on the stages of the hottest club in the area. I would choose a seat right at the main stage so I could get as close as possible to the sexy exotic dancers. I would take a dollar bill out of my pocket before I could even get my coat off. I like to see what I’m dealing with before I chose my favorite stripper for a lap dance.

Surrounded by my best friends, each with money in front of them, I ordered our favorite drinks and some appetizers and then sat back and watched the show. There was this one girl on stage that really drove me crazy with lust. She was wearing a long red sparkly dress that was skin tight, showing off her curvy hips and her firm, round bust. I loved it when she hiked up her dress to reveal her cut little butt and then let it drop suddenly, like she was doing something naughty and forbidden and didn’t want to get caught. But when she let her gown slip to her ankles, I felt that familiar hotness in my pants as I gazed at her perfect body. There is no doubt in my mind that Rhode Island Dolls has the best looking strippers in New England.

Since we were celebrating my promotion, I decided to treat everyone to some fun in the VIP room. Everyone joked that more of us had to get promotions so we could come here more often. And within a few minutes a plan was set that we’d make this a regular event, promotion or not. We asked our favorite strippers to come into the VIP room and enjoy some champagne with us. This was when the party really got started.

I gently grabbed the redhead by the wrist and lead her to a comfortable purple couch. After sweet-talking her, I told her that she was so sexy that I wanted to have a lap dance from her first. She told me she hoped I would ask her, and her smile was as bright as her hair. When the next song started, she began to dance for me. She danced slower than the beat of the music, but it seemed natural and erotic. She swayed her hips and then bent over me to reveal her plump porcelain breasts. It took all my might to refrain from tasting them.

She untied her top and let it fall around her waist, revealing her soft pink nipples, and within seconds that twinge was back in my pants. She placed her hands on the couch on either side of me, and with only a small amount of air between our bodies she arched her back and brushed her firm nipples against my skin. I barely had time to recuperate from the chills that raced down my spine before she expertly flicked her head and her cascading red hair fell around me. It smelled of sweat vanilla and coconuts.

The rest of the dance was a stimulating and erogenous blur, and the rest of the night was the same. I just know one thing after having this fantasy of how I’d like to celebrate my promotion, and it was that I’d definitely go to RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island with my best guy friends. And we’d have an amazing time.