If I Was The Boss ~ Staff Meetings At Rhode Island Dolls

Comapny Staff Meetings at Rhode Island DollsI was thinking the other day — after spending two boring hours in a meeting where no one was paying attention — that if I was the boss, I’d hold my staff meetings at Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. I’ve been to RI Dolls gentlemen’s club a few times and it’s a very classy and clean place. There are countless beautiful women in sexy gowns and cute bikinis, and the food is to die for. The bar will make any kind of drink you desire. And then there is the great music, which brings the entire scene together.

When you take your staff to a great venue like RI Dolls, you will grab their attention and they will listen to what you have to say. When the meeting is over, your staff will have a great time interacting with the lovely ladies and feeling like the center of the world. Your female staff members will have fun here too, because it is an adult club that is tasteful and comfortable. Women never feel like outsiders at Rhode Island Dolls because the dancers and other club workers will make sure they have just as much fun as the guys.

As a businessman, you probably think about profits and expenses, and you wouldn’t feel comfortable brining your entire staff to RI Dolls stripper club just for a meeting. You’ll be happy to know that RI Dolls has specials every day of the week. For example, there’s no cover charge on Mondays, free lunch time drink specials on weekdays, afternoon food specials and early evening drink specials, and even domestic draft beer discounts. All the details can be found on the RI Dolls website. With all the specials and discounts, you don’t have to worry about expenses and instead you can focus on showing your team of workers a great time.

But who’s kidding who? The best thing about holding a staff meeting at RI Dolls is that you are in a strip club surrounded by gorgeous exotic dancers. The club itself resembles a posh Las Vegas gentlemen’s club, with chic and stylish décor, plush seating, and fantastic lighting. If you hold your meeting later in the day when you won’t be going back to work, consider getting a bottle service package. You’ll get top-quality liquor with all the fixings to make a variety of amazing cocktails. This will also impress your staff, which in turn, will get them to work better for you.

But the night isn’t complete without a few private dances with some beautiful Dolls. These sexy women are here to make your night memorable. They’ll pamper you and give you and your staff all of their attention. Each girl has amazing qualities, from long and silky hair to plump and perky breasts. Their smooth skin will glide over your body as they slither to the music and show you their curves. This is the perfect time to appreciate all the hard work these exotic dancers put into their bodies — the hours at the gym, the days at the beauty salon, are all done in order for you to have a nice time at Rhode Island Dolls.

As your staff starts to leave and head home, you’ll have some guys committed to stay the whole night with you. It’s a great time for you to bond with your employees and show them that you are human and not a stuffy executive. This is the perfect time for you to pay for a lap dance for your employees and celebrate the fun evening with a few more drinks or a bottle of champagne. In fact, ask a few of the Dolls to sit and celebrate with you. If you connect with a sexy lady, ask about the VIP area or request a lap dance behind the veiled curtains. It adds to the sex appeal and will make your evening even more enjoyable. There is nothing better than looking at a smoking hot woman dancing right in front of you, close enough that you can smell her sweet vanilla perfume and her lilac shampoo. When her breasts barely brush against you, you’ll get chills of pleasure shooting down your spine. You’ll forget that you are there for a business meeting, but that’s okay. Just enjoy the time with the sexy lady.

Doesn’t that sound like the perfect way to hold a business meeting? It’s much better than having a staff meeting in some claustrophobic and stuffy conference room. If I was the boss, I’d definitely have my staff meetings at RI Dolls strip club. You can’t go wrong because of the great atmosphere, the amazing food, the money-saving specials, and of course, the hot women. Better yet, talk to your boss about having the next meeting at Rhode Island Dolls.