I’m Getting My Gifts Wrapped at Rhode Island Dolls

Me and my wife have an agreement at Christmas. She picks out the presents for our family members and I pay for them and wrap them. Why do I have to pay and wrap? Damned if I know. She’d do a much better job. And if I do a crappy job? I have to rewrap them!

It’s a pain in the butt and I hate doing it.

Well, this year, I found out that I don’t have to do it myself at all and I have a great excuse to hang out at Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI.

How is that, you ask?

I’m having all my gifts wrapped by the Dolls at RI Dolls. Yes! They’re going to do all the annoying work for me while I sit around with my friends, have a couple beers, and watch the strippers on the stage.

Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever?

Honestly, I’d love to spend every day at Rhode Island Dolls, but it’s hard for me to find excuses to get away from the house on my own. But this way, when my wife sees me heading off and asks where I’m going, I can tell her that I’m going to have the gifts professionally wrapped. How can she complain about that? She doesn’t have to do it and she doesn’t have to get mad at me when she sees what a crappy job I do.

Even my wife can’t argue with that kind of logic. She loves the shopping and I pay for everything. She hates the gift wrapping and so do I, so I pay for that, too.

She doesn’t need to know what I’ll really be doing while the gifts are being wrapped. Maybe she’ll think I am just going to be sitting around the mall waiting for the presents to be wrapped up perfectly the way she likes them. It’s possible that she might even think I’ll walk around the mall and find something for her Christmas gift (which reminds me that I need to go buy one!)

Whatever she thinks I’m doing, I’m not going to tell her otherwise. She can think what she wants.

Meanwhile, I’m sharing my secret with a couple of my best buddies because I know they will want in on this. Even if their wives don’t make them wrap all the presents, they can offer and come across as the good guy right?

I figure we’ll head to RI Dolls and have some snacks first. There’s always such great food there. For a strip bar, the food is pretty impressive. Actually, for any restaurant the food is great.

Of course, we’ll stick around and have some beers and laughs while we wait for the next doll to get on the stage. I’ll  make sure to bring lots of money with me to give her. No matter who is on the stage, I like to make sure she feels appreciated.

If one of my favorite dancers is there, I might get a lap dance or a private dance. I have some dolls I like more than others but honestly, I’ll likely pay to get a little private attention anyway. Most of my buddies will likely do the same. We do love our special attention from the dolls. Even when there’s not a dancer on the stage or giving us a special dance, we enjoy their company. The dolls are always so friendly and being around them makes me feel good.

Spending time with my friends and the dolls at Rhode Island Dolls is always enjoyable. I wish I could find time to go there more often. Seems like I’m always busy these days. Especially at this time of the year. If I’m not putting up the tree, I’m adding lights or decorations to the house. Or we’re taking the kids to some kind of Christmas concert or skating in the park.

But getting gifts wrapped? I need to find time for that anyway so why not get our presents wrapped up nicely by the dancers at RI Dolls?

If you haven’t been to Rhode Island Dolls during the Christmas season, you have to make an effort to be there, whether it is for gift wrapping or the Christmas Party. They really know the meaning of season cheer!