I’m Going to Have the Best Guys Night at Rhode Island Dolls!

My friends are always telling me about these awesome stripper bars and gentlemen’s clubs that they go to, leaving me feeling envious. They always seem to go when I have other plans and can’t join them, or they choose a place that’s too far away, or there is some other reason why I can’t go with them. I have decided to put together a guy’s night out at Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island so I can finally enjoy a great night out with my buddies. This is the best strip club in the state, so I know my friends would have a blast here. I can see it now…

We walk in, a group of five, and everyone there turns to look at us. I even see a few of the strippers smile once they see how well-dressed we are. We all turn to look at each other in approval of the bar. This is one cool place, with dimmed lights, plush seating, red velvet curtains, a bar illuminated in purple, and the most beautiful girls you could ever imagine walking around in sexy outfits. We picked a table and sat down, each with a grin that started the second we stepped foot into the club. We ordered beers and started checking out each Rhode Island Doll.

The first drinks go down quick and smooth, so we order another one from our friendly and equally gorgeous waitress. This time we each choose something stronger to accompany a few appetizers. We needed to eat to store up some energy for the rest of the night. We had typical bar food, like wings, pizza, Cajun bacon cheesy fries, beer battered onion rings, and fried cheese ravioli. This food is so awesome, I’d come back here anytime just to eat. While we ate, we enjoyed watching the sexy dancers striping for us on the  main stage. Every once in a while, me or one of my friends would go over to the main stage and give the dancer a tip, which she welcomed by pulling out her panties so we could stick the dollar in.

After we were done eating, a hot exotic dancer came over to our table and pulled up a chair in between Steve and I. She was really nice, and we got to talking a little bit. Steve ordered her a glass of champagne, but she kept on eyeing me. So I got up the nerve to ask for a private dance. She grabbed my hand and led me over to one of the private rooms, which was so comfortable and luxurious feeling that I totally forget that I was in Rhode Island. I paid her and she graciously accepted my cash. When the next song started, so did her dance.

She swayed to the music, teasing me with her eyes first, and then her bare skin. She’d lift up her skirt to show me her round ass, but then dropped it down again to hide it from view. When I pulled out a dollar bill, she took off the top half of her dress and grabbed my money with her voluptuous breasts. We laughed as she then tucked the dollar into her garter and slipped the dress down to her ankles. Her long dark brown hair was perfect against her smooth and tan body. Her bright blue eyes were mesmerizing. I was in her trance as she shook her goods in front of me. I continued to tip her throughout the dance because she deserved it.

When my dance was over, I headed back to the table to see what my friends were up to. There were a couple RI Dolls standing around them, and everyone was having a great time. I really wanted to impress these guys, and I recently got a bonus at work, so I bought two bottles of champagne and we headed into the VIP room. My friends couldn’t believe that they were actually walking into the VIP room. During all their strip club escapades, they’ve never ventured into this special area of the club. I can’t count how many times they thanked me, each with a girl on their arm.

The champagne was nice, but the girls are what made the VIP room so awesome. I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say that what goes on in the VIP room is definitely worth the price. You get a lot of individual attention, the ability to look at sexy naked girls as much as you want, and lap dances that will knock your socks off. It was hard to control the bulge in my pants, but I am a gentleman, so I was also polite and respectful. But, that isn’t to say I wasn’t turned on. I have never seen such stunning girls, such amazing exotic dancers, and such beautiful naked bodies in all of my life. Rhode Island Dolls is our new number one stripper bar.

I can only dream that this is what it will be like when I bring my friends to RI Dolls. Actually, I think it will be even better when we do go. I do expect to get a bonus and this would be the perfect time to splurge and have a great night out with my best friends. If I can get them into RI Doll’s VIP Room, they will be totally impressed and I don’t think they’ll go to the strip club again without me!