I’m Going to Pay My Husband’s Medical Bills by Dancing at Rhode Island Dolls

DancerMedical bills can break you. They are so expensive and when my husband got sick, we didn’t know what to do. I was worried about the kids and possibly losing the house. My job wasn’t enough to cover everything and he wasn’t able to work.

I know everyone has problems, but when a loved one gets sick, it can seem like your whole world is closing in on you. I felt so helpless, when all I wanted was to do something that would make him all better. After a few months, our optimism was high that she’d be one of the lucky ones to pull through. But all those treatments and hospital stays put a drain on our bank account. Pretty soon, they were considering selling the house I grew up in.

I dreamed of ways that I could earn money to pay off the medical bills so we could keep our house. That’s when I started thinking about becoming a stripper at RI Dolls.

I’ve always had this secret fantasy to be an exotic dancer in a fancy gentleman’s club like RI Dolls. It is the best club in Woonsocket. Actually, it’s the best club in all of New England! I’ve always heard that strippers make wicked good money. My mind started to wander as I began to fantasize about being an exotic dancer at RI Dolls…

Mandy would be my stripper name. I’d wear a sultry pink gown with a high slit that revealed my smooth thigh as I walked around the club waiting for a guy to buy a dance with me. I’d wear white stilettos with diamond accents on my tiny feet. My blonde hair would be full of long, loose curls. My nails would be painted red to match my lipstick. And I would have a subtle amount of shimmer in my cleavage that would catch the light every so often.

It doesn’t take long for me to land my first table dance as soon as my shift starts. I’m a favorite among the regular customers at the club. I think it’s because I’m so young and innocent-looking. But that’s just how I look. As soon as I get on stage, guys quickly learn that I’m far from innocent.

I love dancing on stage at RI Dolls. I love shocking people with my risque dance moves, which is not expected with my little-girl appearance. I’m the epitome of the naughty catholic school girl, and the customers go crazy for it. When I’m dancing on stage, I don’t waste time and I start to remove my clothing almost immediately. I feel so empowered and beautiful when I’m dancing naked on stage. I enjoy watching the customers’ reactions after each move I make. For instance, when I lick my finger and run it along the side of my breast, leaving a glistening trail behind, I always hear a few deep breaths from the men sitting around the stage.

It doesn’t take long for the guys to start throwing money at me. As the bills pile up around my feet, it motivates me to be even more sexy. So, this is when I take to the pole. Since I’m the athletic type and have always been in good shape, I’m a natural at pole dancing. I grab the pole, point my toe out, and swing around it. This is just a tease to get customers’ attention. They have no idea what’s in store next.

I shimmy up the pole, flip upside down, and then hold myself there for a second. Once balanced, I let go and hold my arms out to the side. Now I’m only holding onto the pole with only my legs. I carefully release my thigh muscles and begin to slide down the pole while still hanging upside down. Then, I suddenly stop when my head is only inches from the ground. The gasp from the crowd and the slight increase in chatter reassures me that the customers like what they see. I pull off a few more amazing stunts before dismantling the pole and stepping back into my gown to finish my performance.

At the end of my shift, I walk out of RI Dolls with a wad of cash. I make more money in one night than I ever could working at the local fast food joint or at the mall. One night of stripping and pole dancing won’t put a dent in my hubby’s medical bills, but it won’t take long for me to pay all the bills in full if I keep dancing like this.

Yeah… This weekend I think I’ll apply at RI Dolls to be a stripper!