I’m Planning to Give My Brother a Birthday He’ll Never Forget!

I love going to RI Dolls strip club. I’ll admit it. When I have a free night, you can often find me there. I go with my friends at least a couple times a month, too. The dancers are all super hot and that’s a great reason to try out this gentlemen’s club in Woonsocket, RI. But there’s so much more too it. Lots of drink choices, great food, and good people.

So when I realized that my little brother’s 21st birthday was coming up, I knew exactly how we’d celebrate. I am going to take my little bro and a couple of our friends to Woonsocket, Rhode Island for some adult fun at RI Dolls. I have been thinking about the entire evening, even fantasizing about what will happen, or what I hope will happen, on my brother’s birthday party.

We’d hire a limo to take us to Woonsocket before the sun sets so we have as much time as possible at Rhode Island Dolls gentlemen’s club. Of course, we’d have a bottle of tequila with us and we’d all take a few shots on the way to the strip club to get in party mode. When we walk through the doors of the strip club, all the girls know that the kings have arrived and the party can get started. We are immediately surrounded by at least 10 girls, who take us by the arm and lead us to a reserved table right in front. This is a prime spot for VIPs only, and we definitely fit the bill tonight.

As soon as the first round of drinks are in our hands, I hand my little brother some cash and he shyly walks up to the stage. I can see his hands trembling. He’s never been to a gentlemen’s club before. The sexy lady dancing on the stage noticed that he was a little afraid and decided to release him of that fear by giving him a special little performance. She invited him onto the stage and they both interacted with the audience a bit before she got down and dirty. It was like a lap dance, but on stage for everyone to see. He lightened up as soon as the exotic dancer began to grind him with her naked body, sitting on his leg and riding him like a horse. I have never seen him smile as wide as he did while that little hottie was prancing around him on stage.

Next, we all had a few more drinks and chatted with some exotic dancers. Before long, all the guys had gone off to have a special dance or two with their favorite Doll. I spotted the stage dancer walking near the bar, so I bought her a drink and invited her to sit at our table. She sat on my brother’s lap, with her arm around his shoulder and her hair cascading down his chest. She leaned in towards  him so he could feel her breasts pressed up against his body. I paid for a lap dance that would blow his mind away.

During the lap dance, the sexy stage dancer showed my brother all her best moves. She built him up by telling him how cute he was and how strong he was while she stroked his muscular arms, then she melted him with her erotic dance moves. Once again, she rode him like a cowgirl. He could smell her electrifying perfume. When she lifted her long creamy leg onto his shoulder, it took all his might to not lick her sweet skin. Then she’d turn around and sit on his crotch, grinding some more. This girl was great at her job. She knew exactly how to arch her back and stick her tight butt out, she knew how to swing her hair so it danced on his chest, and she was great at teasing him with her voluptuous breasts.

I’ll spare you with the rest of the details of my fantasy, but let’s just say that my imagination has helped me to plan the best 21st birthday party my brother could ever have. Rhode Island Dolls better watch out, because when we go there next month, we’ll be ready to party hard so I hope all the Dolls are ready for us.