Important Things to Know About Being a Professional Dancer at RI Dolls

pro-dancer-ridollsBeing a good dancer is about more than just having a sexy body and some hot moves on the stage. It’s more than just soft and supple skin, great shoes, and cleavage enhancing bras. Part of being a good dancer is being a professional.

Why should you be professional? Because professional dancers get more tips. Professional dancers are able to stay at the club of their choice for a longer period of time and don’t have to look for new jobs. Professional dancers get invited to dance at other places and earn the respect of their peers, their clients, and their managers.

Here are some important things that you need to know about being a professional dancer at a gentleman’s club like Rhode Island Dolls:

Attitude matters. How you talk, how you act, your non-verbal gestures – all these things are noticed by the people that you work with. If you act like you think you’re better than everyone else, that you’re the star of the show, that you hate your job, that you’re doing something you shouldn’t have to do these can all be big signs of an attitude that is going to cause trouble in the future. As a result, other dancers may steer clear of you and you may find that it is hard to keep a job.

Be classy. You’re a stripper, not a prostitute, so don’t act like one. Remember that you are there to provide entertainment. That’s all. So, no matter how you dress on the job, remember that off the job, you’re still a person. Don’t dress in a way that makes you feel inappropriate when you’re off the job. Don’t talk like trash. You’re a person and when you’re on the job, you’re putting on a show but when you’re off the stage and outside of the club you are still you. Don’t change to suite the job.

Be the fantasy at the club. When you’re working at the club, dancing on the stage, talking to the customers, you’re there to provide them with a fantasy person. So get into character and give them the fantasy they are looking for. Come up with a great stage name. Find outfits that suit the personality of the fantasy that you’ve come up with. Leave your real personality outside the club. No one needs to know who you really are. They don’t need to know about your personal problems. They don’t need to know anything about your real life. So, create a fantasy and live it while you’re at the club. When you leave, it will be easier to focus on being you.

Reinvest. When you work so hard it can be tempting to spend all of your money on fun stuff but it is good to reinvest in your professional image and in your personal life. There are several ways that you can do this. You can reinvest in yourself professionally by getting your hair done, going to a tanning salon, buying better costumes and shoes, and going to the gym. Consider taking dance classes to stay in shape and to learn new moves. Reinvesting your money in your personal life is a good thing to do, too. It helps you remember who you are. Take some university classes or take a class in a hobby you enjoy. When you have a chance to go on vacation, leave your job behind and do something that you really enjoy with friends or family members that aren’t associated with your stripper life. You can also put money into a retirement fund. Remember that the body you have now won’t last forever and at some point you are going to want to retire from the dance clubs. Start thinking about that now so that when you are ready to leave the stage behind you will have money to live on. You will likely want to retire early than most people do at traditional jobs so save big so you can enjoy retirement earlier.

There is a certain kind of dancer that everyone wants to be and that’s a smart dancer. She knows that she can make good money by having fun and dancing on the stage and providing entertainment for men that love to look at women’s bodies. She has no shame in it. She enjoys her life and she treats others with respect. In return, people treat her with respect.

But she knows that there is more to life than stripping and making money and she plans for that future.