Independence Day is Coming – Celebrate with us at Rhode Island Dolls

CelebrateIndependence Day is Coming – Celebrate with us at Rhode Island Dolls

If you’re looking for something different to do this Independence Day, why not come to RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, and celebrate with us? Going to a strip club is certainly original. It will be a celebration, unlike anything you’ve ever had.

Having an Independence Day celebration at a gentlemen’s club is a perfect choice if you’re going to be alone. It’s better than watching the fireworks on television, that’s for sure. Why? Because our fireworks involve our sexy strippers!

Here are some great reasons to celebrate July 4th at Rhode Island Dolls:

Staying Cool

If you are a person who does not enjoy the heat of the outdoors, then being outside on Independence Day may not be high on your list of activities to do.  But, if you head inside to the Rhode Island Dolls club, you will be able to enjoy the day with the air conditioning keeping you cool, at least until the show starts.  Chances are, at that point you will end up generating your own heat and be especially glad for the air conditioning to cool you down!

Gourmet Food

Let’s face it, a day at the park involves hot dogs, burgers, and beer.  While there is nothing wrong with this, why not spend the day somewhere that you can have an upscale meal that you enjoy in peace, without the bugs, and watching the gorgeous exotic dancers entertain you for the evening. 

Avoid the Crowds

If you head to the local park for the various celebrations that are happening, you are likely going to be fighting the crowds for most of the day.  You may lose the people you are with and you will have to make sure you set a meeting place to find each other later on. Not only that, but unless you haul your own chairs, you will end up sitting on the ground and having people constantly walking by you. When you head to the club, you will be in a comfortable location and you will be able to sit in chairs that will not fold up while you are sitting in them. 

Fighting with Bugs

Not only are there a lot of people at the park, but there tend to be a lot of bugs that you will be constantly slapping at.  Thankfully, when you spend the day at the strip club there are no bugs to bother you and the only attention you will have to give is to the girls.  This should not be very difficult as the girls want to make sure that you enjoy your time with them and will be there to make your day and night enjoyable while performing on stage.


While you may not think that going to a strip club on Independence Day is really all that special, you may be proven wrong.  Maybe you have a fantasy about wrapping someone in a flag and then ripping it off them.  This could happen while you are at RI Dolls as they may have special costumes just for the evening.  You never know what special treats they have for you!

Independence Day is Coming – Celebrate with us at Rhode Island Dolls

While there are fireworks at the celebrations, they are not as enjoyable or last as long as those that you can enjoy when watching the exotic dancers.  You can stay and watch the performances for as long as you want, or until the doors close for the night.  The fireworks here are just as spectacular and likely even better due to the length and the fact that you are watching these amazing women dance.  This is true at RI Dolls or any other gentleman’s club that you may attend.  The shows are hot and they will have you wanting more before the night ends.

Whether you come during the day or at night, you’ll have a great time. Come solo and make some new friends or get a few people together and grab a table. Our celebration is fun and exciting and always a great time for everyone.

Remember that Rhode Island Dolls is for everyone that is of legal age. Bring your dad, your brother, your best friends, or even your girlfriend or wife. Even if they have never been to a gentlemen’s club before, it will be an eye-opening experience!