Introduce A Friend To Rhode Island Dolls On Tuesday Nights

Do you have a friend that has never been to a strip club like Rhode Island Dolls? Have you been thinking of introducing him to gentlemen’s clubs but just haven’t gotten around to it? Does your buddy need a great introduction to a place that is a great place to relax and loads of fun and filled with pretty girls? Then you should take him to RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island on a Tuesday night.


#1 It’s 2 For 1 Tuesday!

Of course, if you decide to come in before 6 PM there’s no cover charge at all but we know most of you have jobs so that’s not always possible. Come on in after 6 PM and bring your friend and only one of you pays! Or you can spit the one cover charge and you can both get in for half price. But really – it’s his first night! Let him get in for free!

#2 $2 Burgers And Fries!

After a hard day at work, you’re going to be hungry and your buddy likely is, too. And it is always the right time for burgers and fries. Sure, you can get burgers and fries almost anyway but can you get them for $2? Not likely. Rhode Island Dolls may be known most of all for the sexy ladies that keep you smiling all night long but we also happen to have some exceptionally good food. Our burgers and fries are top notch. And if you’re really hungry, on a Tuesday night you can have more than one burger because it’s so darn cheap! Seriously, the burgers and fries are one of our favorite things on the menu and getting them for $2 is a great deal. Be at RI Dolls between 4-7 PM for this great special.

#3 The 2 For 1 Dance Specials

So, not only are you getting in with no cover or 2 for 1 cover prices and getting $2 burgers and fries, but you also get a chance to get 2 for 1 dance specials? You just can’t go wrong on a Tuesday night! Keep your ears open because the DJ will call out when there is a 2 for 1 dance special. That means you and your buddy can get dances at half the price. And let’s face it, if your friend has never been to Rhode Island Dolls before, you are going to want to make sure that he gets a dance right? And if you get him a dance he’s going to want another one so he’ll give you the freebie dance and then it will be your turn. This could go on all night long!

And these are just the Tuesday night specials!

If your friend has never been to an exotic dance club you will want to introduce him to the stage where the dancers strut their stuff and work the pole. This is where he will have the chance to find out what kind of girls he really likes. Will he be more into the cute and blonde girls or is he more turned on by the mature, full bodied woman? Does he like cheerleaders or cowgirls or is he more into a strong Dominatrix type of stripper? There’s lots of different dancers at Rhode Island Dolls so let him enjoy the stage until he gets a feel for what he’s really into.

And of course, there’s the beverages. Rhode Island Dolls is licensed and has a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to choose from. There’s lots of different beer choices, by the bottle or on tap. Don’t forget the hard liquor. Get something standard or try one of our premium liquors. If you’re in the mood you might even want to try out one of our awesome shooters. That will get the night rolling real quick. Just don’t forget that if you are drinking you should call a cab or have someone come and pick you up when the night is over. Don’t drink and drive!

Rhode Island Dolls is an awesome place for friends to hang out and have a good time. There must be someone in your circle of friends that has never been there before that would be an ideal person to bring with you on Tuesday nights. And if there isn’t? Come with your crew and enjoy all the great specials again and again. Tuesday nights are awesome no matter what!