It’s Not Weird To Go To A Gentlemen’s Club Like RI Dolls Alone

Going to a gentlemen’s club like Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI, isn’t uncommon for men. They often go for business or with buddies. But what about going to a strip club alone? Is that ok or is it just weird. A lot of men think that it would be uncomfortable but it’s not. In fact, a lot of men like to come to the club by themselves. There’s nothing wrong with that and it is perfectly acceptable.

There are actually some advantages to going to Rhode Island Dolls by yourself. You may not have thought about it before but here are some good reasons to go to a stripper club in Rhode Island by yourself:

1. Money

If you go to RI Dolls by yourself you will likely save some money. You won’t have to buy rounds of drinks. You won’t have any of your friends saying, “Hey – can you spot me some money for a lap dance?” You won’t end up staying longer than you want to and spending more money. You won’t have to chip in for the big pile of food that everyone else wants to order when you weren’t really that hungry and didn’t want to get food in the first place. How much you do or don’t spend is completely up to you.

2. Solitude

Sometimes a guy just needs to be buy himself with his own thoughts. And believe it or not, a strip club is a great place to get your thoughts together. You don’t have to talk to anyone else if you don’t feel like it. You can just sit there and enjoy the drinks and the ladies and be by yourself. It’s a great place to just sit back and do some thinking – with a great view!

3. Make Friends

On the other hand, if you are new in town, Rhode Island Dolls is a great place to meet some new people. The customers are friendly and are usually pretty open to having conversations with others if they are buy themselves. Try sitting at the bar where most people sit when they are on their own. If you want to meet someone new, chat up the guy next to you and see if he’s open to conversation. At the very least, if you just want someone to talk to and don’t want to make new friends, you can chat up the girls or the bartender. As long as he’s not too busy of course!

4. Meet Business Contacts

Many business men come to gentlemen’s clubs after they are done their work day because it is just a great place to relax and unwind. But most business men are always up for making new contacts that can benefit their business. If this is your main goal when you come to a strip club by yourself remember two things: 1) keep business cards on your person and 2) keep the business chat to a minimum. Don’t spend too much time talking business because the girls are a big part of why guys go there and too much business chatter will get boring fast.

5. Get As Many (Or As Few) Lap Dances As You Like

Sometimes the guys might pressure you into getting lap dances and it really isn’t your thing. When you are by yourself, that’s not an issue. On the other hand, maybe you prefer private dances to the stage. If you have the money for it, you can get a private dance from every stripper if you want to. It’s completely up to you!

If you are going to go to a stripper club on your own there’s one important thing you need to remember. You came alone so that means you are likely going home alone, too. That means that you have no designated driver. Either take it easy on the drinks (or better yet, don’t drink alcohol at all – they do have non-alcoholic beverages you know) or be prepared to call a cab to get you home. No one wants you to get in an accident or cause an accident on the way home because you got hammered by yourself at the club.

There’s nothing wrong at all with going to a gentlemen’s club by yourself. You can be on your own and just enjoy the entertainment or you can make friends with other customers. Either one is fine. You are in control of your evening and it can go however you would like it to.

Just remember to plan ahead. Take a cab there or don’t drink. Be safe.