It’s Time for Another Year of Halloween at Rhode Island Dolls!

Think you’re too old for Halloween? You’ve obviously never been to one of the RI Dolls Halloween parties in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. This October 28th, join us for a great night. Bring your friends, your lover, or even your boss because everyone is going to have a great time!

No Cover

Strapped for cash or saving up to do some serious spending for the upcoming holidays? Keep your cash in your wallet – there’s no cover charge on the 28th if you show up dressed in Halloween garb! Don your favorite costume and get ready for a night of spooktacular excitement with all of the lovely ladies at our well-known gentleman’s club. Look for our jaw-dropping entertainers in seductive costumes throughout the night, and feel free to show some love by compensating our performers at the end of a frightfully good routine.

Yummy Eats

You don’t have to ring your neighbor’s doorbell to get free goodies. We’ve got tons of sweet treats to satisfy your candy craving, and we promise not to make you tell us a joke or dance for us (the only ones that have to dance are the Rhode Island Dolls dancers!) before we share our good stuff with you. If candy isn’t your thing, you can still purchase all the usual favorites from our strip club: Burgers, fries, sandwiches, and all of your other favorite dishes. 

Delicious Beverages

Beer is good any day of the year, but nothing beats a Halloween-themed cocktail in late October. We’re giving out special Halloween cocktails all night, so come thirsty and get ready to discover your new favorite seasonal drink. We’ll still be serving vodka, bottlenecks, whiskey, and other bar staples as well, or you can quench your thirst with a refreshing glass of soda or chilled water.

Fun Prizes

Are you the competitive type? We’re giving away $500 in prizes this year. There will be a best costume prize for both employees and customers and each prize is $250! Unleash your winning nature by showing up in a top-notch costume. Wear something scary and bold, or don angel wings and a halo if you’re in the mood to behave. The best of the best will win an awesome prize, and trust us, you are going to absolutely love it when you see what it is. We are super excited about seeing all of your Halloween attire this year.

Beautiful Women

Do you love classy, sophisticated women? You’re in luck, because that’s all that we employ at the Rhode Island Dolls. Our Dolls are attractive, intelligent, and talented. We’ve got blazing blondes, fiery redheads, and stunning brunettes ready to perform for you until closing time, and all of our dancers are in the Halloween spirit this year. You are not going to want to miss out on the creativity of our Rhode Island Dolls dancers when it comes to choosing costumes this year.   Don’t forget to let us know which costume you like best by giving a hearty round of applause for your favorite dancer.

Upbeat Atmosphere

There are no Debbie Downers at our Woonsocket strip club. Our guests come to have a great time, and a great time is definitely had by all. If you want to hang out in a fun place filled with happy people, our strip club is just the spot for you. We believe in the whole “the more the merrier” mantra, so feel free to bring as many friends and family members as you want when you come party like crazy at our super awesome Halloween bash. Remember, there’s no cover charge if you come wearing a costume, and prizes will be awarded to the very best ensembles. Costumes are one of the best things about Halloween. Step out of your every day life and be who you want to be – a gangster, a superhero, or a zombie!  It’s up to you. Live your fantasy on Halloween night at Rhode Island Dolls.

See You Soon

You’re coming to our Halloween bash, right?  The RI Dolls can’t wait to show you their spooky, sexy costumes and killer dance moves, but you can’t enjoy the festivities from the comfort of your living room couch. Costumes are preferred but not mandatory, so come as you are and have a wicked good time with all of the gorgeous dancers and lively patrons who frequent our Rhode Island club.