Keeping Fit as an Rhode Island Dolls Exotic Dancer

Fitness Training Rhode Iland Dolls DancerIf you’re dancing at a club like Rhode Island Dolls, then you most likely keep yourself in really good shape. Exotic dancers have to stay fit in order to do the moves that they do, to dance and perform. Dancing really is a fun and exciting job, one where the benefits are many. Not only are you able to do a job that is fun and that you can enjoy night after night, you know that people are admiring your beauty and enjoying having you perform for them.

But there’s another great part of being an exotic dancer: you’re automatically going to stay fit.

Many jobs are actually bad for your health. For example, some jobs will require that you sit for long periods of time. Not only does this kind of work cause you to feel tired more often, but it can lead to problems such as blood clots in your legs. It also encourages you to gain weight, as you have to sit in order to work and are unable to move around as much as you might like to.

Other jobs are extremely stressful, such as working as a lawyer or a doctor. Stress can cause lots of health problems – you can gain weight, you’ll feel tired, and can even develop blood pressure problems. By the time you get home from work, you aren’t interested in doing much of anything except sitting down to relax. So you’re not going to be up and exercising after having a hard day.

Other jobs, like those in the medical profession, may require odd hours and you may be so busy that you aren’t able to eat properly. It’s hard to stay healthy if you can’t eat correctly and you won’t want to exercise when you get home.

None of this happens when you’re an exotic dancer somewhere like Rhode Island Dolls. For one thing, you won’t be spending most of your shift sitting down. Instead, you’ll be up and moving and having a great time. Stress isn’t part of the job description since dancing is so much fun. And because you’ll be working a predictable shift, you’ll easily be able to make sure that you have plenty of healthy foods to eat.

Exotic dancing will actually keep you fit because you don’t have to worry about squeezing a workout routine into your busy day. Part of your routine will be dancing up on stage, probably using a pole. Pole dancing is one of the best workouts that you can possibly do. It is a combination of strength training and cardio exercises, burning fat and working every muscle in your body, even the small muscles in your ankles and wrists!

There are very few jobs where you can work out as you work and have fun while you do like you can as an exotic dancer at Rhode Island Dolls. The reason why you can stay fit simply by working when you are dancing with the pole onstage is because it combines many different forms of exercise. There are spins, dance moves that might be from any form dance from salsa to hip hop, floor work, and climbs. You may go from an incredibly intense aerial move to a slower dance move. These sorts of moves, in combination, gives you an interval training workout, considered by many to be the best form of workout you can get.

Pole dancing gives you a combination of isotonic and isometric moves. Isometric moves are moves where you push against something solid while holding a steady position. An example would be doing any kind of aerial pose while dancing on the pole. Isotonic moves are moves that will strengthen your muscles through contractions. Examples of these kinds of moves are doing pushups or weight lifting, or simply spinning yourself around the pole. So you can get the same kind of weight lifting workout just by using the pole!

Another fitness benefit you’ll get while dancing at Rhode Island Dolls is the fact that your body will never get used to the routine. Pole dancing is not only challenging, it is also a great way to be creative. Because there are so many different moves you can do, you never have to do the same routine over and over. This means that you can keep your entire body fit, never have to worry about hitting a wall in your fitness goals, and always maintain the beautiful body you have. All while having fun at work!