Know All Your Limits At RI Dolls

Here at RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, we want everyone to have a great time. We do our best to make your time with us fun and memorable. But as a patron to our gentleman’s club, you also have to do your part to ensure you have a fantastic evening with us without any complications. The best way for you to help us give you a great time while you’re at RI Dolls is to know your limitations. If you think about it, it’s not too much to ask. Most of it is simply common courtesy. Keep reading to learn exactly what we mean by “knowing your limits.”

Knowing Your Limit Of Alcohol Consumption

If there was such a thing as the 12 Strip Club Commandments, then “thou shalt not get drunk” would be right at the top of the list. Just because RI Dolls is a bar, it doesn’t mean you need to get shitfaced when you come here. Getting drunk at RI Dolls is risky, not only because you stand a very good chance of embarrassing yourself, but you will probably end up spending more money than you want to. The worst case scenario is that you act like a fool and get yourself kicked out of the club. No one wants that to happen. Here are a few reasons why getting drunk at a stripper bar is dangerous:

  • You could touch the dancer inappropriately and get spoken to, or even kicked out.
  • You’ll probably get too rowdy.
  • Driving home after getting drunk is a huge no-no, for obvious reasons.
  • There’s a good chance you’ll do something that you’ll regret.
  • Your lowered inhibitions may make you think it’s okay to hit on the staff at the club.
  • You could get yourself kicked out of the strip club for bad behavior.
  • Everyone else at the club who isn’t drunk will think you’re a jackass.
  • You might spend all your rent/mortgage money.
  • You could forget the awesome night you had at RI Dolls.

Your Wallet/Money Limitations

Knowing your money limitations will keep you in control of your spending while at RI Dolls. The best way to stay in control of your money is to leave the plastic at home and only take cash with you. Make sure you only bring the amount of cash that you are comfortable spending, and not a cent more. Once your money runs out, it’s time to go home.

Without the temptation to slide your credit or debit card through the ATM machine, you won’t ever have to worry about spending more money than you should at RI Dolls. After all, why ruin a fantastic night out by spending too much money and having your girlfriend or wife nag at you for the rest of the month. Actually, you’ll probably never hear the end of it if you spend all the rent money on strippers.

Personal Space/Touching Limitations

Most guys know there are rules that must be followed in a strip club, including Rhode Island Dolls. One of these rules is that you can’t touch the exotic dancers unless they tell you it’s okay—which is very rare. So it’s essential that you prove that you know the limitations of touching by keeping your hands to yourself at all times while enjoying the sexy women at RI Dolls. Don’t grab a Doll as she’s walking past your table. Don’t try to feel her breast while she’s dancing close to you. Don’t grab her butt. Don’t put your hands, or any other part of your body, on a stripper without first getting permission. It is okay, however, for the stripper to touch you, so just sit back and enjoy the experience.

It’s the same with personal space, but the limitations aren’t there just for the dancers. You also have to be considerate of other patrons in the club. This means being respectful of the people around you. For example, don’t push your chair all the way back and sit on the edge when there is someone sitting right behind you. This will only make the other guy pissed when he can’t push his chair back to stand up. If you are getting a dance, don’t sit right up next to someone else also having a dance. It’s just rude.

As long as you know your limitations, you will have a fantastic time at RI Dolls. You will enjoy the evening without looking like a fool. You won’t frivolously spend your money, so you won’t have to wake up the next morning worrying about paying your rent or getting your next meal. And you won’t get kicked out of the strip club for touching the dancers inappropriately. These limitations are commonsense, and should not be hard for you, or any other customer at Rhode Island Dolls to keep in mind while here.