Ladies, There’s Good Reasons Your Man Should Go To RI Dolls

Group of handsome elegant young men in tuxedo.

Most guys would probably drop down and have a heart attack if their wife or girlfriend suggested they should go to the strip club for the night. And ladies, you’re probably thinking we’ve lost our minds. But bear with us. There’s some really good reasons you should consider encouraging your man to go to Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI. Maybe not every night but at least sometimes.

The truth is that most guys go to strip clubs – whether their girlfriends and wives approve or not.  They just keep it on the down low. It’s the unwritten rule between men – you never tell anyone when you see another guy at a gentlemen’s club. Ever. And they will lie about it.  So, why encourage your man to lie?

Happy Hubby, Happy Life

I know, the saying is “happy wife, happy life” but the reverse is true, too.  If you want to have a good life, good marriage, and good times when you are together, it is in your best interest to make sure that your husband or boyfriend is happy – when you’re around and when you’re not.  If he’s happy – well, why would he look in other directions to find happiness? And if sitting in a room with a bunch of other dudes watching women dance around half naked makes him happy, who is it hurting?  As long as he’s coming home to you to do the cooking, who cares where he gets the ideas for the recipes?

Minimize the Possibility of Cheating

Men can’t help looking at beautiful women.  In fact, some of them seem to crave it. And the more taboo it is the more they do it.  If you tell them they can’t, they just want to look more. And the whole forbidden aspect of it sometimes leads to more – specifically, cheating.  But if guys don’t see it as a taboo thing and are given free rein to look…well, it’s not such a big deal anymore.  So, let him look. 

It’s All In Good Fun

The women at strip clubs are entertainers.  They aren’t there to try to find a man.  They aren’t looking for someone to steal from another woman.  In fact, many of them have boyfriends of their own or might even be married.  They are simply there to provide entertainment and they are good at what they do.  They look at it as a job. 

Lets Him Know You Trust Him

If you forbid your man from going to strip clubs, it’s a sign that you don’t trust him.  That can cause a lot of contention in your relationship.  It’s not really any different than if you wanted to go on a girl’s night out to a club with lots of hot guys and he told you that you can’t go because you might get ideas in your head.  If your relationship is strong, then trust should be part of that.

It Might Improve Your Sex Life

Going to a strip club will definitely give your man ideas but if he knows you’re ok with it the only idea that is going to come to his mind is getting home to you. He’s going to feel sexy and when he feels sexy, he thinks you’re sexy, too.  At Rhode Island Dolls, he’ll look and he’ll enjoy watching the dancers but when it comes to getting some action, you’re the one he’ll want. 

A little freedom, with limits, can improve a relationship.  It can make your man appreciate that you trust him.  And it can give him some great ideas.  When there is trust in a relationship, you don’t have to worry about what he is going to do because he’ll want to show you how much he appreciates your trust by keeping it.

And if you’re still not sure about letting your man go to a strip club on his own, why not suggest going together.  If you can go to a gentlemen’s club and watch exotic dancers with him he’ll be even more impressed.  The two of you can go to the club, have something to eat, enjoy the dancers and have a couple drinks.  You might be amazed at how he shows his appreciation when he gets home.  Once you’ve gone to the club with him a couple times you’ll see that it is really no big deal and you’ll be more comfortable with him going without you, too.