Lap Dance Etiquette – Rhode Island & Massachusetts

Lap Dance EtiquetteWhen you go to a gentleman’s club like Rhode Island Dolls, there is always a chance that you are going to get a lap dance. Lap dances are fun, erotic, and who wouldn’t love to receive a lap dance from a beautiful woman like the ones who dance at Rhode Island Dolls? However, you should understand that just because you are at a gentleman’s club, you are not owed a lap dance. A dancer can refuse to give a lap dance and sometimes dancers may not even offer to give you one if you aren’t presenting yourself in a positive light. There are some rules of etiquette that you should follow if you want to receive lap dances – and keep getting them whenever you return to the club.

Make Yourself Presentable

This is really just plain common sense – or at least it should be. If you are going to the club after a day at work, but you are not rumpled and sweaty, then sure, stop in before you get home. But if you have been out jogging and are covered in sweat and desperately in need of a shower, don’t expect to stop in at Rhode Island Dolls and get a lap dance. Think about it – would you want to give a dance to someone who’s sweaty and could use a bath?

No, you wouldn’t. It simply is polite to make sure that when you arrive at the club planning on asking for a lap dance, that you are as presentable as you would be if you were heading out on a date. Go ahead and add a dab of cologne, dress nice, and put on your best smile. This is what will get you noticed and more likely to get a dance from the doll that you’ve been admiring.

Be Friendly

Put yourself in the dancer’s shoes. How comfortable would you be performing a lap dance for a complete stranger? Probably not very comfortable. This is where simply being friendly and polite comes into play. If you see a dancer you really want a lap dance from, chat with her first. Get to know each other a little bit and ask politely for a dance. When both of you are more comfortable with each other, the dance will be more enjoyable. Don’t be offended if the dancer tells you no – she may have an appointment with another club client, or she may be about to go onstage. Simply wait until she’s available and she’ll most likely be more than happy to give you that dance.

Be Respectful

As beautiful as the dancers are, they are not there for pawing. Make sure that you understand the rules about touching whenever you receive a lap dance at Rhode Island Dolls or any other club. Some clubs allow some light touching while others have a hands off policy.

No matter what the club’s policy is, ask your dancer. If it’s hands off, then it’s hands off and if she lets you touch her under a light touching policy then you should put your hands only where she says. This not only keeps you out of trouble, but it makes the dance more enjoyable. Not to mention, if you are respectful about where your hands decide to wander, you’ll be more popular with the dancers and quickly become one of their favorite customers.

You should also avoid drinking too much if you want to receive a lap dance. Dancers will not want to dance for you if you are having problems sitting in your chair. It is also easier to forget the rules when you’ve been drinking too much and you may find yourself accidentally in trouble. It’s just good manners to stay in complete control of yourself.

Whether a dancer asks you if you want a dance, or you ask her, following these tips will help you get the best dances. The more polite and nice you are, the more word will spread in the club and you might even find yourself not only a favorite with the dancers, but also friends with the bartender, cocktail waitresses, and anyone else there. Your club experience will be more fun than ever before and you’ll soon learn all of your favorite dancers’ names so you can simply choose who you want a lap dance from whenever you come into the club.