Lap Dancing Tips for Beginners

Lap Dance for BeginnersSo you’ve come to Rhode Island Dolls and you’re all prepared to be an exotic dancer. If you’re a new exotic dancer at Rhode Island Dolls, then you might be feeling a little bit nervous about your performances. Pole dancing and routines on stage are one thing. Lap dances can be quite another but are also something that you are going to need to learn how to do and do well if you want to have a successful career as a dancer at Rhode Island Dolls.

These tips should help you feel more confident about performing lap dances and should help you with any performance.

Choose the Right Music

You’ll want music that is slow and sexy for the best lap dance. Remember that you don’t have to dance for the entire length of a song – some are simply too long for that! It usually only will take you about a minute to a minute and a half to have his full attention.

Make Sure He’s Sitting Right

This is important. He needs to be sitting comfortably in his chair so that you have room to work. If he doesn’t do it automatically, then gently remind or just nudge his legs open so that there’s a triangular space between his thighs. This is where you’re going to do the majority of your dancing. Feel free to use the wall, chair arms, his arms, knees or shoulders for balance if you need it. He really won’t mind.

Lean and Look Sexy

Most people don’t think of leaning as something that is sexy but it can be! While you’re dancing – and this works well as a beginning move – stand between his legs and then lean just your upper body forward. Arch your back and leave your rear end in the air. This allows him to get a great look at your body, something that he will really appreciate. Rest your arms on the wall, his shoulders, or the chair arms to give yourself some support and then slowly inch your breasts closer to his face. Tease him with them, but don’t let him touch. This is sure to drive him crazy. Some dancers go even further and actually rub their breasts on the man’s chest. This move can be used any time during a dance, as it’s one of the easiest to do.

Put on some Lotion

Does this sound silly? It might sound silly, but it’s a move that will help put you at the top of lap dancers. For this move, you should stand a little further away, right around his knees. Run your hands over your body like you’re applying some body lotion. Turn around and run your hands along your lower back or butt. The main thing is that you need to do this in slow motion so that he has plenty of fuel for his imagination. He’ll be imagining that it’s his hands running all over you, and this type of imagining is key to a successful lap dance.

Use Your Hips

Your hips are a great tool when you’re performing a lap dance. Combining this move with putting o lotion is a surefire way to win a man’s devotion! Sway your hips slowly, side to side, and then switch to moving them in a figure eight motion. The combination of the movement of your hips with running your hands over your own body is highly erotic.

Ride’em Cowgirl

In this move, you turn around so your back is to him and then just hover your rear over his crotch. You can use the chair arms or his thighs for extra balance. Move your butt first in circles, then up and down. If you can, peek over your shoulder at him and give him a coy little grin.

By combining all of these tips you can easily come up with a good lap dance routine, even if it is the very first time you have ever given a lap dance! As a dancer at Rhode Island Dolls, you could easily end up with regular customers all happy to see you and have you dance for them. And what you learn at the club can easily be used in your private life to keep your own man happy.

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