Looking Forward To Doing Business In Rhode Island So I Can See Some Dolls!

I keep pretty busy in my life. I have a family and I have a job where I have to travel a lot. I miss my family while I’m gone but sometimes my business trips give me the opportunity to do things that I wouldn’t do when I’m at home. Like going to a gentlemen’s club.

When I’m at home and not travelling I would never take time away from my family to go to a strip club. There’s just so little time that I get to spend with them. When I’m not travelling I like to make sure that I see some of my kids sports events and I like to spend some time with my wife by taking her out on a fancy date. It’s what keeps our marriage doing well and our family close.

But when I’m out of town? Well, I have time to fill. I can’t work 24/7 so I have to find something to do when the clients have gone home for the night. And when I’m doing business in Rhode Island, one of the things I look forward to most is seeing the dancers at Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket.

The most obvious reason to go to Rhode Island Dolls is to see the dancers but there are other reasons, too.

First of all, since I’m in town on business I pretty much have to eat out. And in case you didn’t know, RI Dolls has a full menu. And they have some awesome choice. I think I’ve tried everything and I haven’t found anything that I didn’t like yet. The burgers are awesome. They are filling and they come with the most delicious French fries or sweet potato fries. They’ve got these amazing personal sized pizzas that will blow your mind. My favorite is the Buffalo Steak pizza – shaved steak, blue cheese crumbles, hot sauce and mozzarella cheese. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it! And then there’s the steak – 8 oz. filet mignon with all the trimmings. The chef there does an awesome job at making the perfect steak. And don’t forget all the side dishes – salads, shrimp appetizers, beer battered onion rings and more! I never leave Rhode Island Dolls wanting more.

Of course, the main reason to go is for the dancers. Rhode Island Dolls girls are beautiful and they really know how to move. I can sit at the stage for hours just enjoying the performance. The girls there know how to dance and they are so gorgeous. I love all kinds of women so it is a treat to see so many different dancers there. Athletic or curvy, blondes or brunettes or redheads, sweet or sexy – there’s something there for every man’s taste. And since I love them all, well, it’s a real treat, let’s say that much.

Pretty much every time that I go to RI Dolls, I can’t resist the temptation of getting a private dance. This is my favorite thing to do at a gentlemen’s club. There’s just something about finding the right dancer to perform for you and getting lost in a fantasy world. Sometimes we talk but more often than not I just sit and enjoy her performance. The way she dances, the way she moves her hips, the way she looks me in the eyes as she moves just for me – it has a way of calming me after a long day that nothing else seems to do.

Another cool thing about Rhode Island Dolls is that I get to talk to people that are just every day people. Sometimes I meet people who want to know about my business and I have actually found a few new clients while I was there. I always make sure to carry a few business cards with me and it has come in handy a few times.

But mostly, I just like to enjoy talking to people without any pressure. The other customers are RI Dolls are pretty low key. They are there to have a good time, too, so everyone is in a pretty good mood. The staff are warm and friendly and the customers are relaxed and willing to talk to strangers.

Rhode Island Dolls is a must for me to visit when I’m in Rhode Island. It’s way better than sitting in my hotel room by myself and wishing that I didn’t have to travel so much. It’s become familiar to me and I feel like I’m not so far away from home when I’m there. Is that weird?