Loving the Cheerleaders at Rhode Island Dolls Strip Club

Rhode Island Cheerleaders DollsWhen you visit Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, you will be transported into your deepest fantasies. You’ll be surrounded by beautiful exotic dancers, amazing food, and cool drinks to ensure you have a great time. You’ll find school girls, cheerleaders, and plenty of girls in sexy lingerie. If you’re like me, then you’ll want to see the cheerleaders the most. There is nothing like a great fantasy that involves a smoking hot cheerleader.

Being in Rhode Island, there is no other strip club that I’d rather go to than RI Dolls. I take my best friend, Joe, with me and we are looking fine. I know it’s going to be a good night when I walk through the door and see a stripper dressed in a cheerleader outfit. Her young body looks amazing in that little skirt, and with each step it bounced up and I can see her white undies. She steps up on stage and I take a front row seat. This is a show I don’t want to miss.

This Doll really knows how to work a stage. She struts around with a pair of red and white pompoms and does a few cheers, jumping in the air and once again revealing her white panties. Her long hair is in two ponytails, making her look very sweet and innocent. Her full pink lips part just enough to make me wish they were on me. I’m mesmerized by her beauty, but am with it just enough to reach for my money so I can tip her. I could give this cheerleader all my money right now and die a happy man.

What I really like about this exotic dancer dressed as a cheerleader is her tight little sweater. The soft knit fabric hugs her firm breasts, and it’s so tight that I can see the bumps of her hard nipples. Her smooth belly is also showing, which is perfectly tan and flat. She threw her pompoms down and started dancing more like a belly dancer, which caused quite a stir in the audience. When she lifted up her arms and slowly peeled off her tight sweater with the big letter A on it, money was thrown on the stage. Her perky breasts were perfect. But like everyone else watching, we wanted to see what other assets she had.

She came around and gave each guy in the front row a little special attention. When it was my turn, I was ready. I had a tip in my hand and slid it under her garter belt, and then she lifted her skirt for a second to give me a peek of her ass. She was teasing me and I loved every second of it. She slinked back on the stage a bit so everyone could see her as she unbuttoned her pleated cheerleader skirt. Then she wiggled her hips as she grabbed each side of the waist of the skirt and slipped it down over her bum. But then she pulled it up really fast. This girl knows the meaning of a strip tease. When the skirt eventually hit the floor, the music stepped up a beat and she revealed her true self.

The stripping cheerleader had on nothing but her sneakers as she wrapped her body around the pole and defied gravity. Then she came back over to me and rolled on the floor like a kitten in heat. I had more money in my hands, so she spread her legs just for me. I died and went to heaven. She kissed my check and took the tip out of my hands, and then gently rubbed it along her shaven pleasure zone before putting it into her garter. I pretended that the $10 bill was my fingers and imagined what it would be like to touch such a beautiful creature.

She slinked back to the pole and flipped upside down, showing off her round ass. Then she slowly slide down and let go so she was hanging by her legs only, with her breasts in full view and her back arched down to the floor. I thought about what it would be like to put my face between those amazing tits. I had to shake off the feeling growing in my pants, so I ordered another drink.

I woke up quickly when the door banged shut. My wife was home from work. My fantasy was over, but the images would remain in my mind for a long time. I immediately picked up the phone and called Joe and told him to plan for a night out at Rhode Island Dolls next Saturday night. I didn’t have to convince him to come with me to Rhode Island’s premier gentlemen’s club. Now all I had to do was pass the time until I could go see a stripping cheerleader in real life.