Make St. Patrick’s Day Special – Tips For RI Dolls Dancers

February is almost over and before you know it, March will be well underway. And you know that means – St. Patrick’s Day! It’s the one day of the year that drinking is an expected part of the celebrations. Sure, you have a few drinks at other holiday celebrations, too. But St. Patrick’s Day is all about the beer. And where better to sit back and have a few beer than at Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI where you can also enjoy the beautiful dancers?

The dancers at Rhode Island Dolls can join in on the St. Patrick’s Day fun but bringing a little bit of the holiday into their dance routines and their costumes. It’s not hard to use your imagination and add a little bit of green – or a lot!

Try some of these suggestions and ramp up your St. Patrick’s Day stripper game!

 Since green is the color of the day, why not green it up using green dye. A lot of costumes could be dyed green for the occasion. Make sure it is not an outfit that you are going to want to use again though because green dye – even the temporary kind – doesn’t come out so easily! You could cheer on St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in a green cheerleader outfit or be a naughty St. Patrick’s Day nurse in a green uniform.

Speaking of dye, it’s really easy to dye your hair green for the day or even just add a streak of green to make it fun. If you’re not so sure about dying your hair green, why not try a green wig for the occasion?

Not everyone is into the do-it-yourself type of costume though. If that sounds like you, it might be easier to just buy green. There are lots of things you can put together to make a fun green St. Patrick’s Day themed outfit. It’s not hard to find sexy green bikinis or bras or panties. If you want to make it more fun, try some green pasties. Get creative and use a green men’s ties or a green feather boa. You can even find green body jewelry that will make your costumes seem extra fun.

There are simpler ways to make your costume meet the St. Patrick’s Day criteria. Add some green sparkly hairspray. Green bangles that glow in the dark or green nail polish can be fun, too. Green St. Patrick’s Day boxers or satin boxers covered in lucky four leaf clovers can be easy to slip in and out of.

If you go to a novelty store you’re sure to find lots of ideas for ways to make your costume thematic.  You can find things like green shamrock sunglasses or a sparkly leprechaun hat that won’t cost a lot. Temporary tattoos are always fun and you’re sure to find some St. Patrick’s Day themed temporary tattoos at a novelty store.  Legwarmers with shamrocks can keep you warmed up. You can even buy green body paint – go big or go small with the body paint! If you use your imagination at a novelty store during St. Patrick’s Day, you’re sure to find loads of ways to celebrate the holiday and spice up your stage act.

There’s more to your routine than just the costume though isn’t there? How about the music? You can easily find great songs by Irish musicians. The Cranberries, The Pogues, Think Lizzy, and Sinead O’Connor are all Irish and they have some great songs that you can dance to.  Some of the songs that they have done have even been remixed into dance versions. Or, maybe the DJ can put together a mashup of some of your favorite Irish band tunes.

St. Patrick’s Day may not be the biggest holiday of the year, but it is certainly a fun holiday. It’s a great excuse for people to get out and have some fun. So why shouldn’t you have some fun, too?

Get creative with your costumes and your stage routine and you’ll soon find that customers are paying more attention to you than they are to their beer. And you know what that means. When you get their attention, that means that you make more money. And you’ll have more fun if they are having a good time, too. Just because dancing is your job it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. You can make good money and have a great time if you let your imagination loose!