Make Sure Your Buddy Has A Great Time His First Night At RI Dolls

So, you have a friend that has never been to Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island before and you’ve decided to introduce him to your favorite strip club? Well, that’s a mighty nice thing you’re doing. Any guy that hasn’t been to RI Dolls should have a friend like you.

If you want to make sure that your friend has a great time at RI Dolls, find out if he’s ever been to any gentlemen’s clubs before. If he hasn’t you’ll have even more fun introducing him to such an awesome venue! But even if he has been to a strip joint before, he’s sure to find that Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket is an experience he won’t want to miss. Why? Because you’re going to make sure that he has the time of his life.

First of all, make sure that you bring enough cash to buy a few rounds for him. There’s so many choices that his favorite brand of alcohol is sure to be on the menu. Does he like a certain brand of beer or does he have a premium hard liquor that he loves? Discreetly see if you can find out what it is. That way, when you get to the club, you can order it for him. Let him relax with a few drinks. There’s great wine, too, in case your buddy is a wine drinker or some awesome choices for mixed drinks. No matter what he likes to drink, he’s sure to find something good to relax with!

Lots of guys don’t realize that places like RI Dolls have a food menu, too. Of course, you know that but your friend might not. So, introduce him to some of your favorite things off the Rhode Island Dolls menu. Burgers and pizza are always a great choice but if you’ve got some excess money to spend why not get some of the delicious appetizers and a succulent steak? The chef at Rhode Island Dolls is a proficient cook that comes up with some of the most tasty meals you can imagine. It would be a waste of a trip to go to RI Dolls for the first time and not have a chance to eat some super good food! Your friend will be amazed at how good the food is!

Next, find out what kind of girls he likes? Is he into the cute, young looking girls? Or does he like a more mature type of woman that has some experience? Does he like blondes or redheads or brunettes? Short and voluptuous women or tall and lanky or maybe athletic types? You surely must know most of the dancers, right? See if you can find the dancer that he’ll like the most and make sure that you go to the dance club on a night that she’s working. Try to show up when she’s on stage so that you can take him to the tables that are nearest the stage. When she comes off her stage routine, invite her over to talk.

Once they introductions have been made, buy him a private dance from his favorite dancer or at least a lap dance. If this is his first time at any gentlemen’s club, he might be too shy to ask for one himself so make it easier for him by getting him started. Once he’s had the experience of a lap dance or a private dance, he’ll surely be hooked.

Once he’s comfortable with the first dancer he meets, encourage him to check out the other dancers. Enjoy the stage acts, because there’s lots of them! Maybe talk to other dancers.

When someone visits Rhode Island Dolls for the first time, it’s exciting to see the enjoyment and pleasure in their faces. It’s fun to watch them enjoying the good food and relaxing as they have a couple of drinks. It’s the best thing in the world to see them meet a dancer that they really like and smile as she takes his hand to lead him to the private dance area for his first private dance.

And the best thing? The best thing about taking to someone to RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island for the first time is listening to them talk about how much fun they had and asking when you want to go again. Because after the first time, they are surely going to want to come back again and again!