Make Your Favorite RI Dolls Dancer Remember You by Remembering Her Name

It’s easy to get lost in the throngs of regular customers and the many occasional clients at a strip club like Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI. The dancers see so many men in a night. How can you expect to have them remember you every time that you go in? It’s not easy but there’s one easy way to get your favorite exotic dancer to remember you. That’s by remembering her. 

The easiest way to do that is to call her by name. When you remember someone’s name, it tells them that they matter to you. And if you make an effort to show your favorite dancer that she’s made an impression on you, she’ll be more likely to try to remember you each time that you come in to see her.

If names are hard for you, that might not be so simple. Here’s a few tricks to remember the name of the dancers you want to be recognized by:

Consciously Choose to Remember Her

Memory experts say that once we make the conscious effort to remember people’s names, we will. Most people who say they are bad with names are just more preoccupied with what they are gong to say next after the person introduces themselves, that they aren’t even really listening to that person’s name. Clear your mind when you’re talking to your favorite dancer and really listen to what she’s saying, especially when she tells you her name.

Associate Her with a Celebrity

Another way to remember the name of your favorite dancers is to think about what celebrity she most closely resembles with the same name. Going back to the example above with the name Jennifer. You meet a Doll named Jennifer and she has the same hair color as Jennifer Aniston. To complete the connection in your brain, picture this stripper as Jennifer Aniston sitting on the red couch in the coffee shop with Ross. Make the image in your mind vivid, right down to the smell of coffee in the air. Or, you can also associate names with non-famous people, like family members and friends.

Sat Her Name – Often

When you first meet a RI Doll, don’t just blurt out your name as a response and then continue with the small talk. Instead, repeat her name back and make a conscious effort to listen to her name. For example, you’re sitting at a table in the club and a hot stripper comes over to you. After talking for a little bit, she introduces herself by saying, “I’m Amber.” You reply back, “Hi Amber. Nice to meet you. I’m Mark.” Or, you can respond in almost any way you want as long as you repeat her name back and you’re polite. 

Then, as you continue talking to her, say her name a couple more times. The key here is not to say it too much so you sound like a deranged stalker or something. But, work it into the conversation two or three more times to help set her name into your memory.

Name Association

A great little game to help you remember names is to create an association in your brain about the Doll and her name. The more catchy it is, the better. For example, if you’ve just met Jennifer and she mentions that she likes to play sports, in your head think of her as “Jennifer the Jock.” Or, if you want to remember Kim’s name and her costume reminds you of candy, think of her as “Candy Kim.” 

You can also create a picture image of the stripper’s name. For example, you meet a dancer at Rhode Island Dolls from Brazil and her name is Angie, imagine that she’s an angel swimming in the Amazon River. 

Identifying Features

Everyone has unique and distinctive features, whether it’s a really sexy butt, six-pack stomach, or puppy dog eyes. When you first meet a dancer at RI Dolls in Woonsocket, RI, take a few minutes to inconspicuously look at her face. Then, pick out a feature that you’d like to remember her for. If possible, pick out this feature before you are introduced so you’re not preoccupied with choosing a distinctive feature while she tells you her name. Don’t pick her hair, glasses, nail polish, shoes, or other things like that because they’ll change over time. You want to be able to remember her the next time you’re at RI Dolls. If she changes her hair color, you may not remember her name. 

If you use these tips to remember your favorite dancer’s name, they will start remembering you as the guy that doesn’t call them sweetheart or honey. Instead, you’ll stand out because you call them by name and they will make an effort to remember you, too.