Make Your Stage Time Count RI Dolls Dancers!

If you’re dancer in Woonsocket, RI at Rhode Island Dolls, you know that every minute that you’re working counts and you need to make the most of it. Work time is not a social event (although being social can help). Your goal at work isn’t to make new friends – you’re there to do a job and make a living.

That doesn’t mean you can’t make friends with co-workers or have a good time. It just means that you main priority is doing your job right and earning money. It’s important not to treat your job like party time because then you may forget what is most important and you are likely to earn less in the time that you are there.

And it all starts on the stage.

The stage is where new clients will likely see you first. The stage is like a display case in a window at a shopping center. It’s the place where you convince customers that they absolutely have to have more of you.


First, you need to look your best every night when you step on the stage. Spend the necessary time doing your hair and makeup. Yes, you have to wear makeup. The lights on the stage can be bright and without makeup you may end up looking tired and worn out. You can talk to the other dancers if you’re not sure what kind of makeup will work best under the stage lights or you can look through this site for tips and strategies to looking great on the stage. And don’t forget about your skin. Make sure it is not dry looking. Use lotion to make your skin look soft and supple.

Next, choose a great outfit. Never forget that men are there for the fantasy. They are there to escape their everyday lives. They want to step into a world where their fantasy woman lives. Who is that? Well, it is different for every man, but there are some common themes. A lot of men like a young-looking woman so cute teenage style clothing that comes off easily is always a good bet. Some men like assertive women. This could mean a leather dominatrix outfit or a man’s shirt and tie. But you can experiment with different themes and find one that works best for you and your personality and style and then you can build on that. Get some awesome accessories to go with it. If you can find stuff that you can whip off and fling to the back of the stage it adds a dramatic effect.

When you’re on the stage, it’s important that the men watching you feel that you are confident. Sure, the new girl is cute, but ultimately, guys love to watch a girl dance and feel that she feels that she’s gorgeous and capable of turning them on. If you are new, practice your moves until you know them so well you could do them in your sleep. And if you’re learning something new, practice it a lot before you introduce it to your customers. Make sure you can do it all with a smile on your face and the knowledge that you are fulfilling someone’s fantasy.

Although you know that what you’re doing is a job, try to love it. Remember all the good things about it. What do you love most? The dancing? The people? The money? Whatever it is, remember it so that when people come to see you dance on the stage they feel like you are there by choice. Even if you would rather be doing something else, don’t let them see that. Make them believe that you love your job and there is nothing else you’d rather be doing.

Why does the stage matter so much? Because when you get off the stage, you get a chance to make some real money. The lap dances and private dances are where people are likely to tip the most. They get a chance to have your individual attention and if you do a good job, you’re more likely to get big tips. The customers with money to spend will always tip big if you do a good job.

Your stage act is a teaser to the rest of the night. If you do good on the stage, you’re almost sure to make good money when you get on the floor and start mixing with people.