Manager Rewards Our Team at RI Dolls

manager-rewards-teamOur semi-pro baseball team had been working hard all season. And our manager pushed us. He knew how to do it, too. He was encouraging but tough. He helped us reach our boundaries. We were exhausted but we were reaping the rewards. The season was almost over and if I was a betting man, I would bet that we were going to come out on top. But that would be bad luck to bet on our own team!

Each game, our manager gave us incentive to play our best and win the game. Sometimes it was a day off to relax, other times it was a bonus. This game we had something really good to play for though – a trip to RI Dolls.

All of the guys loved going to Rhode Island Dolls to watch the dancers and have a good time. The fact of the matter was that we just didn’t have the time for it usually, though. When we weren’t playing a game, we were practicing. If we weren’t practicing or playing on the field, we were eating or sleeping. There wasn’t much time left for anything else.

Not that we didn’t love it. We were all dedicated to baseball. But sometimes a break was needed.

This was one of those times and our manager knew it. He promised us that if we won the game tonight we’d all be headed to RI Dolls tomorrow night – beer, food, and girls!

I haven’t been there in ages so I was hoping that some of my favorite girls still worked there. As I prepared for the game, I thought about them. The beautiful blonde with the voluptuous figure, the tiny little brunette, and who could forget the country girl? Every single one of them stuck out in my memory. I used to go there a lot so I remembered their moves, their smiles, their voices. They were all so friendly.

That blonde especially. She was absolutely my favorite girl. What was her name? I couldn’t remember that but I did remember everything else. She had blue eyes and long wavy blonde hair that cascaded down to the middle of her back. It shone in the lights of the stage and flowed over her shoulders as she moved. Like I said, she was voluptuous. She had the kind of figure that made you think of those pinup girls from days gone by. Very womanly. Definitely not like the stick figures some girls aim for these days. She had hips that could mesmerize you as she swayed back and forth in front of the pole and her thighs were like pillows of lushness.

Besides the fact that she did amazing things on stage she was really nice and friendly, too. I’d bought her drinks on more than one occasion and I’d had several private dances from her. She would talk if you wanted to or just listen or just dance – whatever you happened to want that night. In other clubs I’ve met dancers that would hardly say a word to you unless you were paying for it but the dancers at Rhode Island Dolls are all down to earn and friendly.

The dancers are the best part of Rhode Island Dolls but I like it for more than that. I couldn’t wait to order a Dolls Pounder. It’s the burger of all burgers! A pound of meat plus bacon, beer battered onion rings, and a special chipotle sauce with tomatoes and lettuce and cheddar jack cheese. Just thinking about that burger makes me hungry. It’s the kind of burger you don’t even need fries with but it comes with fries anyway (and their fries are awesome!) so I can’t help but have a few of them at least.

The guys have been talking about this trip all week. Ever since our manager mentioned it the guys are all talking about what girls they want to see dance and who their going to get a private dance from and what they are going to order to eat.

But right now, we’re getting focused to play the best game of our lives. Our pitchers are warmed up and we’re ready to get out there and kick some butt. I know each and every one of us made sure to get a good night of sleep last night so that we’d be ready to play today. There’s no way that we’ll lose this game because nothing is going to get between us and our RI Dolls